5 songs which can make your christmas more special

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5 songs which can make your christmas more special

5 Songs which can make your Christmas more special

Jingle Bell! Jingle Bell! Bells are ringing, Christmas is knocking our doors! This is the mid of December, and only a few days left to celebrate the Christmas. In such a time, our mind is going through a lot of plans and ideas for the festival, and we must follow our conflicts. But for getting entertained with more funny way, we have something for you. We here represented the best Christmas songs of this year 2016, which will make your day more enjoyable.

Just have a look at the best 5 list of this Christmas, and play these songs all the day in your woofer.

The Donald, Obama & Hillary Song

This video has gone viral on YouTube. Has viewed by lots of visitors! People love this stuff and making fun of it. Anyone who is highly bored of the bad democratic control he will love to give it a listens and view. Featuring the animated characters of Trump, Clinton & Obama, this video has made a lot of views is a few days. Just see how they are blaming and joking around each other, if you are funky too, then you will love to watch this latest release.

All I want For Christmas Is You!

The song is sung by Mariah Carey & Jimmy Fallon & the Roots! One of the most viral songs for Christmas on the internet! This is a very easy song, but the lyrics are impressive. Guys are playing soft and easy musical instruments in the video and singing all along this cool stuff “All I Want For Christmas Is You”. And the most attractive part of this song is, Mariah is looking damn hot in this song, her looks will skip you heart a beat.

Crustified Christmas!

One of the funniest and catchy one! Sung by the Rigged Man & Mac Lethal! This is also a cool video featuring a funny and funky Santa who is playing all along his chunky ways. People love it and the lyrics are also catchy to listen. If you want to dance like a cool freak in this Christmas, then Crustified Christmas is great for you.

How Sean Price Stole Christmas!

The funniest and lovely video ever made for Christmas! This is an animated stuff, which making you laugh with video and musical version. Here Sean is stealing the Christmas from the Christmas tree and they are playing all along with their problem with a funky way. People who love the funny and easy music they will feel cool by giving it a view.

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

One of the lovely collections to play in this coming Christmas! How many can remember this viral video from YouTube? It was a pretty useful song to impress a lot of people out there. We hope in such a festive time of Christmas, this song can also give you an up to mark entertainment.

For better assistance, we also shared the links of the songs in out article. People who willing to give it a look they can easily click the links to find out the song and chill with it.

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