Christmas Destinations In India to make your holiday fun and frolic

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Christmas Destinations In India to make your holiday fun and frolic
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Thank you for posting your query with us. When it comes to Christmas, it is that one festival that all of us have a really soft corner for. We all love the festive mood that we get to see not only in the country but all around the world. It is absolutely amazing how people are able to come together and make sure that they make the most of the Christmas season, the lights and celebrations all around and the ability to make sure that they all end the year on a very good note. Christmas is one such festival that is celebrated all around in the country and people are in the mood to make the most of the Christmas and winter vacations that kids tend to have.

If you are someone who is getting a long holiday for Christmas and are looking for some amazing destinations to visit in India to celebrate the same, here are some suggestions that are worth exploring!

#1. Goa

This place, rich in churches, is known for its party atmosphere and is very versatile, ensuring adventure and a good time to people from all walks of life and age brackets. This place is at its festive best when it comes to Christmas, and you can make the most of the warm weather that is a rare thing to find in the month of December.

#2. Mumbai

Mumbai has some of the best Christmas celebrations to look out for; you will be able to make the most of your Christmas in case you wish to celebrate it traditionally and experience the glamor all at the same time.

#3. Kolkata 

The city of Joy is known for its beautiful decorations and elaborate lightings during the festive season. While many may associate Kolkata more with Durga Puja, it is also famous for celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. The best view is available on the Park Street which is beautifully lit with attractive lights and the tunes of Christ rhymes.

#4. Pondicherry

Pondicherry, rich in Roman Catholic community, is famous for its Christmas Celebrations. While many feel that Goa and Pondicherry can tough competitors during the festive celebrations, here’s what most people are not aware of. If you wish to celebrate a quiet Christmas with family and loved ones and not party like an animal, Pondicherry is a better option to avail. It offers its tourists a soothing Christmas with choir group singing the festival songs and a place for dinner with loved ones.

#5. Delhi

If you are the kind of person who loves to party and theme party is your thing, Delhi is the best choice for a holiday. It not only offers great party venues to bring in the festival but also allows one to experience one of the best ways to celebrate the festival as the entire city comes to life only to relax and welcome the birth of the Jesus Christ.

#6. Kerala

Celebrate Christmas with a twist! If you do not want to celebrate it like you do every year, opt for Kerala and enjoy the gorgeous beaches and the serene backwaters after attending the mass in Church at midnight. The feeling will be different altogether, and it will be something you will cherish for the rest of your life.

What you will need to keep in mind is the fact that anywhere you choose to go you will be really happy and joyful because of all the crazy festive preparations that all of the above-mentioned cities tend to have.

We hope we were helpful in letting you decide the venue for Christmas this year. Is there any other place that we missed to mention? Let us know!

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When it comes to Christmas holidays the first name that comes to every Indian’s mind is Goa. Goa is the best place to celebrate the Christmas. There are beaches and night long parties everywhere during the Christmas. Goa becomes one of the most happening places during the Christmas and not only Indians but a lot of tourists arrive here to spend their Christmas. Carols are sung in the cathedrals and there cannot be anything that Goa does not offer during the Christmas.
If you are not a beach person then the best place to spend the Christmas is Manali, Himachal Pradesh. Covered in snow you can enjoy your time with the family and friends. You can ski and snowboard and there are a lot of chic cafes to eat. Decorate a Christmas tree or sit by the fireplace. Have an amazing night surrounded with family and a bonfire in between. Make merry, eat and dance. What can be better way to celebrate Christmas in the hills?
There are other places like Shillong, Kerala, Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai and Pondicherry if you want to spend a great Christmas away from home.

Christmas is one of those festivals that is celebrated with massive amount of enthusiasm in India and is something people tend to celebrate irrespective of the kind of religion they follow or even the kind of background they come from. Christmas is that time of the year in India when people from various communities come together to make the most of the holidays and the celebration rituals. What is amazing is the fact that Christmas gives you the opportunity to celebrate no matter what; you cannot refrain from soaking yourself in the festive mood. The malls are all decked up, the cafes and the restaurants are celebrating big time, anywhere you go you encounter festivities.
Keeping in mind the fact that people are huge on celebrating Christmas, you can possible celebrate in any part of the country. But, in case you want to have the first hand taste of the madness, please head to some of these cities that witness the Christmas in all its magnanimity. You can choose to go to Delhi and Mumbai, in case you want to make it a trip, make sure you visit Goa for all the craziness. You will need to go to Kolkata to see Park street all decked up in the traditional style. Bangalore and Pondicherry are great place for the Christmas Eve celebrations.
While Delhi and Mumbai will give you access to the incredible parties and the massive celebrations all around, Goa will make it possible for you to go all out and celebrate like no other place. What is important to keep in mind is what kind of experience you are looking for. If you wish to experience the festive feel with the traditional touch then you surely need to go to Park Street in Kolkata and most definitely to Pondicherry.

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