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It conjures a medley of emotions ... excitement, craziness, hypericity, curiosity... even inhibition.

A million hues colour thoughts waiting to be spilled on a canvas...little hands brightened with gulal and rainbow of colours. moms busy with gujhiyas,namak para,aloo papad and every thing else...roads, streets,corridors,verandahs look more colourful than spring sprangled landscape. coloured water lands like waterfall on the unsuspecting and unprepared. can't differentiate anyone from anyone else. madness gripping all... young, old or very old. .creeking joints... never mind...goes on till post noon...then its fun time... laughing at the other looking a joker... not me till someone points a purpled hued finger ... ha ha ha... thats Holi frenzy.

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Holi is an important festival of India and is also a day when people party, enjoy and play with wonderful colors. It has both social and religious significance and is among the most celebrated days.

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