Traditional christmas delicacies

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Traditional christmas delicacies

Christmas is ideally known for two things: presents and food.

On the day, while kids patiently wait for the Mommy-daddy Santa to put their presents, the elders wait to devour on to the Christmas dinner. All those puddings, pies and cake become an excuse for those who had been keeping themselves away from sweets all this while. And why not, it is no merry without any cherry. Well, it’s Christmas, hola!

Different countries have different traditions and food habits for this same festival. But, majorly the Christmas traditional dinner consists of a big stuffed turkey with mashed potatoes along with gravy or sauce and vegetables. For deserts, there could a cake, pie or a pudding. Deserts mostly everywhere are the staple food. Wine completes the traditional dinner.

So what all are the traditional Christmas delicacies? Here you go:

The Christmas Bake!

Nothing beats the Christmas cake, but other than the cake there are numerous baking eateries which are known at a traditional front. This consists of:

1. Fruitcake, sponge cake, Brazil nut cake.

2. Apple pie, pumpkin pie, mince pie.

3. Turrón- It is a rectangular tablet or a round cake which is a traditional Christmas dessert in Spain.

4. Tart

5. Christmas pudding

The Meaty Tradition!

They say your Christmas is right if your turkey is right. Other than the turkey people cook all sorts of meat and ham. Some of the meaty traditional delicacies consist of:

1. Roasted Chicken, glazed ham, holiday ham glaze, roasted goose, and roasted duck.

2. Roasted lamb, roasted beef tenderloin.

3. Steak, lobster, white fish.

4. Honey roasted Pork loin

And, wine.

What is Christmas without wine! Merry Christmas!

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Dessert is always the best part of any meal :)   <3  

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