Types of difficult people

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Types of difficult people

When I was a kid, I had a controversial aunt in the neighborhood. I used to see her only when I visited my friend. Her family stayed tensed around her but, I adored her. They fought regularly. She was too dignified to bring stress, but I remember lots of stress surrounding her. I guess she knew how to push people’s button. Likewise, there are some people who might seem normal from the outside, but in actual are conflicting personalities.

In a way, everybody is somebody’s difficult person. Someone rightly said, if you want to gain experience in dealing with difficult people, then have kids. There are times when we meet certain people who make us doubt the problem with them. And we wouldn’t know unless we know the types of difficult people living on this planet.

These types are:

1. The Negativist

As the name suggests, they are like a bunch of negativity surrounding you. They believe, their way is the only right way and would frequently utter, “I told you so.” The word "pessimists" perfectly describes them. They are not just negative but also, disturb anyone in power.

2. The ‘know it all’ type

They are the people who pretend to know everything around, by fooling people. They are ones who know how to learn enough about the subject to sound like they know what they are talking about. These people are addicted to seeking attention and exaggeration.

3. The Passives

They are the ones who avoid conflicts and confrontations at all cost. They push others to do their job. The passives often go to great lengths to avoid confrontations, so much that they would prefer to break-up over phone or e-mail than doing it face to face.

4. The Whiner

They are the cry babies. They are never happy with anything happening around them. They maintain their imaginary grounds of perfection, and no one, nothing measures up to it.

5. Bossy or The Dictators

These types are often nitpicky and want people to do things their way. They love to control everything and everyone around them.

6. The People Pleaser

They are the most helpful and the nicest people you might know. They never say “no” to anything and end up being pushed beyond their boundaries. They are always ready to owe a favor to others, even if that costs them their loss.

7. The Narcissist

They are the obnoxious and the egomaniac types. But not all of them are the same; some narcissists are intelligent, charming and wonderful seducers. They crave for attention and praise.

8. The Drama Queen

The drama queens or the DQs love exaggerating and creating dramas. Life is always extreme for them, and they love to spend it flitting from crisis to crisis.

9. The Interveners

Like the name suggests, they are fond of interrupting people or situations. Nothing is complete for them without their verdict or intervention. They end up putting a conversation out and frequently ignored.

10. The Silent

They are the types who don’t respond at all. I once had a maid who never talked. The silent are quiet and confusing personalities. They don’t mean harm or loss but, dealing with them might be troublesome.

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