How to have a Great Personality?

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How to have a Great Personality?

There are chances to make yourself better than what you actually are. All you need to do is to feel amazing in your own skin. When you also appreciate someone for having a great personality that is also probably because you can observe how genuine and happy they are in themselves.

Having a great personality is about being real and being the best version of yourself. Being attractive and having a great personality is so much more than having a good face or attracting appearance. To have a great personality, you will have to cultivate some of the habits that can make you better than your own self. Below are some traits that can make you possess a great personality that can fascinate and inspire others.

Some traits that can make you a Great Personality

#1. Be Honest With Yourself, First Of All

Don’t try to be someone that you aren’t. If not with anyone else, at least be honest with yourself. Don’t try and hide anything from yourself. If there are things that you don’t like about yourself, don’t worry. This is the most natural thing to not be perfect. Therefore, do not expect impossible things from yourself. Be honest with yourself and share everything with yourself. Nobody knows you more than yourself. Therefore, don’t try and hide anything from yourself.

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#2. Be Bright And Happy

Be positive and stay at the brighter edge always. Smiling and being happy will enhance your personality. No one can actually stay away from a happy person. You do not have to fake anything or hide your true personality. However, staying happy is being happy with your own self. If a person is cruel to you, there is no restriction that you have to be happy with them as well. But find your happy space in yourself so that you do not have to have someone else to be happy. A person who is cheerful and happy most of the time is someone people cannot resist.

#3. Avoid Being Popular

If your goal will be to become popular and impress everyone around you, then you will not be able to form a great personality. You will gradually come off as a people pleaser that will be the last thing you will want in your personality. Therefore, being popular should not be the motive in order to have a great personality, if you will have to be popular, you eventually will. Don’t try to do it. The most significant thing to do is to develop a sense of care between the people you love. Be popular among them.

#4. Develop Your Passion

An essential part of having a great personality is to follow what you really love and is passionate about. If you are interested in something, pursue it and talk about it. Personality is all about having different interests and passions. It really matters in your personality. Most of the people tend to know you by your interests and passions. For example, we usually introduce people like “meet him, he is a photographer.” If you genuinely love to do something, make that a part of your life.

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#5. Feel Comfortable In Your Own Body

If you embrace your own self, your personality will always come out as confident and attractive. Body is the biggest part of your self. You only live in your body for the whole life. Therefore, never underestimate yourself and your body most importantly. If you have confidence in your own body, you will be able to carry any outfit with confidence. Develop a habit of loving yourself. Forget the stereotyping of a perfect body and embrace what you have and try to make it better for yourself, not for anyone else.

#6. Possess An Individual Opinion

This is equally important as it is important to develop your interests. When you talk to people, you will always have a side to a debate or anything for that matter. Therefore, always have an opinion. It will not only become a part of your personality, but opinions are the only thing which makes you different from every other individual. Don’t worry about agreeing to your friends and disagreeing with the people you don’t like. Always have a firm opinion about what you feel. Your opinions are an essential part of your personality.

#7. Opt The Habit Of Asking Questions

If you have the habit to ask questions, reward yourself because this will at least show that you are interested in something. Everyone loves to talk and brag about themselves. However, the person who is interested in knowing your life is the most wonderful person to be around as you feel that he or she genuinely wants to know things about you. That’s the reason asking questions becomes so important. You can keep asking questions as asking things are any day better than not asking them.

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#8. Showcase Your Confidence

Confidence can actually turn your personality upside down. Confidence has many forms. Therefore, being confident does not mean you will have to become someone you are not. Confidence is showcased how you feel about yourself and how comfortable you are in your own skin. How many times in a day do you assure yourself that you are amazing? You should do that more often. In order to feel confident, you will have to feel love towards yourself.

#9. Keep Yourself Lighthearted And Humorous

If you will be the most humorous person around, it will gradually become a part of your personality. Everyone wants to be surrounded by the people who are happy and lighthearted. Being hurt and feeling bad about anything and everything will neither make you feel good nor somebody else. If you will have a positive outlook towards everything, you will automatically become cheerful and humorous. If you have a humorous attitude, you will encounter more happy faces and less complaining ones.

#10. Try Being Nice To Everyone

Now that is an important step as far as having a great personality is concerned. Though, all these steps are somewhere connected to each other, you must practice and preach being nice to people around you. Try and never be rude to anyone. Try and be positive in front of those who also do not like you as they will also eventually realize that you are an amazing person. See the best in people and stay confident. You do not have to specifically judge someone else to assure yourself that you have a great personality.

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#11. Develop The Habit Of Being Calm And Composed

You will always have to know your limits and the kind of individual you want to become. If you will lose your calm every now and then, you will not get the amount of respect that you are worthy of. Times when you're going through a rough patch, you must learn to always collect yourself and stay calm. This is not something you will have to born with. You can surely learn the habit of being calm and cool all the time. Remember if you be cool, people around you will also learn and respect it.

#12. Make Laughing A Habit

Laughing should be a priority in your life as being happy is. Try and laugh as much as you can and make people laugh as much as you can. Laughing genuinely is enough to make people know how honest a human being you are. Of course, nobody is asking you to be funny in case of a serious situation, but you can certainly make an effort in order to make everyone feel light and happy. If you laugh a lot, you create a positive energy around yourself that makes others happy as well.

#13. Know The Fine Line Between Confidence And Cockiness

Cockiness can never be appealing. In fact, it is bumptiousness. Confidence is always endearing and makes you look the best of yourself, unlike cockiness. There is a very thin line between confidence and cockiness. Do not let your confidence turn into cockiness overtime. It will also help you to stay grounded and close to the people you love.

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#14. Avoid Judging And Open Yourself

Passing judgments and becoming restricted is possibly the worse thing you can develop in your personality. Don’t start assuming things about other people or start judging them too quickly. Understand the fact that if you will get judged by other people, you will also feel equally bad. Therefore, assume being in other people’s shoe before you start judging others. Also, being open to new conversations and relationship will give people a chance to know you better. Remember to treat other people the exact way you wants to be treated. Life has this golden rule which should be followed in order to own a great personality.

Having a great personality is all about finding the greatest things about yourself and then being able to portray that in front of people. This is our guide to have a great personality. Share your thoughts as well with us in the comments sections below.

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