15 Game Of Thrones Actors And Their Real Life Looks

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15 Game Of Thrones Actors And Their Real Life Looks

Do you judge an actor by his on-screen appearance? Well, Games of Thrones characters are quite popular for their on screen masked looks. However, in real life, they have quite a different style from what they portray on the show. With fans raving and absolutely crushing on the characters appearance, we are totally bringing up the mystery held beneath the faux-pas faces. 

From Dragon Queen Emilia Clarke to the Night King Richard Brake, here is what the popular Game of Thrones stars look like in real life:- 

#1. Emilia Clarke/ Daenerys Targaryen

First of her name, Mother of Dragons, and the Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea is known for her signature silver hair on the screen. Well, Emilia Clarke who played the character is actually a brunette in real life.


#2. Gwendoline Christie/ Brienne of Tarth

Lady Brienne of Tarth, being the knight in the shining armor has quite a masculine appearance on the show. However, her look has a feminine charm and glamour in real life.


#3. Jason Momoa/ Khal Drogo

The wild and muscular Dothraki leader sports a long braid and a drooping beard for the show. However, in real life, he is well-cleaned up and as appealing as he had been on the show. Too bad his role ended in the first season only.


#4. Lena Headey/ Cersei Lannister

The mad queen who currently rules the seven kingdoms is all blonde and stern on the show. However, in real life, she is rather a happy brunette.


#5. Maisie Williams/ Arya Stark

Maisie Williams maintains a tomboyish look while playing the character of Arya Stark. In real life, she is quite a girly girl and pulls off a glamorous Red Carpet look for a girl who has no name.


#6. Peter Dinklage/ Tyrion Lannister

The wise imp who just drinks and knows stuff has his signature beard in real life as compared to the clean shaved look of Tyrion Lannister.


#7. Sophie Turner/ Sansa Stark

The raven head Sansa Stark is actually a blonde in real life. While fur coat is her signature style on the show, she is quite a Red Carpet diva in reality.


#8. Ian Whyte/ Wun Wun

Probably the most captivating giant of all times, Wun Wun is not as intimidating as he looked on the show and he definitely does noT have a large nose. Ian Whyte, who played the character, actually flaunts his salt and pepper look in real life.


#9. Neil Fingleton/ Mag The Mighty

While some legends hold the door, others lift the gate. Another giant from the show, Mag the Mighty is tall in real life too. However, he looks nothing close to his on-screen appearance when it comes to real life.


#10. Carice Von Houten/ Melisandre

Carice Van Houten is almost impossible to recognize without her signature on-screen red attire and hair. The priestess is a glamorous brunette in real life.


#11. Kit Harrington/ Jon Snow

Maybe Jon Snow knew nothing on the show, but he sure does know how to suit up in real life. It is quite refreshing to see Kit Harrington without his signature cloak on the show.


#12. Nathalie Emmanuel/ Missandei

Missandei, the handmaiden of Khaleesi, looks quite attractive on the show. However, in real life, she is a total Red Carpet diva.


#13. Hannah Murray/ Gilly

The damsel who has quite a simple look on the show knows how to clean up nice in real life. Hannah Murray is quite a blonde beauty in real life.


#14. Rory McCan/ Sandor Clegane

The bloody hound, who has a half burnt face and long locks on the show is nothing close to his look as Sandor Clegane in real life.

#15. Richard Brake/ The Night King

The one who heads the army of the dead is almost unidentifiable in real life. Richard Blake, who plays The Night King on the show, has blonde hair and likes to keep them combed back.

We would love to hear more from you on your favorite Game of Thrones characters. Kindly use the comment box to share your thoughts and opinions with us.

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