The legend of Helen of Troy

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The legend of Helen of Troy

In the famous Greek legend, Helen was known as the most beautiful woman that ever lived on earth. She was also called Helen of Sparta. She was indirectly responsible for the Trojan War. She was Zeus’s daughter and Dioscuri’s sister. Her sister was Clytemnestra, who was married to Agamemnon. Although she had many suitors from every corner of Greece, she chose Agamemnon’s brother, Menelaus. After her marriage to Menelaus, she became the Queen of Laconia. The Trojan War happened because Helen was abducted by Paris, the Prince of Troy.

Once in the absence of Menelaus, Helen fled to Troy with Trojan King Priam’s son, Paris. Her fate in Troy according to various legends, are contradictory. Helen married Deiphobus, the brother of Paris when Paris was killed. Later, when Troy was captured, Helen betrayed Deiphobus to Menelaus. After that, Menelaus and Helen returned to Sparta. They lived happily there until their deaths.

Helen was worshiped in Laconia. There was a festival by her name at Therapnae. At Rhodes, Helen had a temple where she was worshiped by everyone as the tree Goddess (Dendritis). She was also a deity of sailors, just like Dioscuri, her brother. The exquisite beauty of Helen inspired various artists. She was the personification of perfect, ideal beauty.

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