Do aliens exist?

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 Do aliens exist?

An alien is somebody who is from some other world or planet. Their existence is a million dollar question, but studies and research have proved that they might exist.

In the year 2004, three groups of scientists reported massive amounts of methane in the atmosphere of Mars. Of course, methane does exist in all the planets in minimal amount, but there is the consistent and continuous emission of methane from Mars. What is methane and why is this so important? Methane is a gas and the microbes that produce methane are known as methanogens. Methane formation is attributed to the anaerobic respiration of the methanogens, which is because of the human and animal activities. 

Methane emission by plants is still a question mark. Studies have also shown that methane could also be emitted from volcanoes, rock's fault lines, etc. But there is still a possibility that the methane emission could be released from the living organism, and if that is found on Mars, it proves that there could be life on that planet. But it is only a hypothesis and nothing has been proved yet.

Next, comes, UFO. What is UFO and why is this causing so much excitement along with scare to us? UFO means unidentified flying object. On June 24, 1947, a pilot saw nine flying objects in the sky which he described looked like a disc or saucer, and hence it became commonly referred to as flying discs or flying saucers. In simple words, it is the aircraft used by the aliens. Some stories of collisions of our aircraft with unidentified objects started sprouting every year if at all they exist.

In India, the first UFO was noted in 1954. An unusual flying object was noticed in New Delhi measuring about one hundred foot long. Later in 1954, a flying saucer was noticed in Bihar and in 2007 a weird object was witnessed by many people in Kolkata. It was filmed in a handy cam and was telecasted in a television news channel. Its shape looked like a sphere, then changed to a triangle and finally became a straight line as it swiftly passed away.

On August 15, 1947, a scientist working on SETI project, which stands for search for extraterrestrial intelligence, perceived a strong radio signal, which had an extraterrestrial origin. This was coined as the WOW signal as he had written Wow on the signal paper. It makes us wonder from where it could have come from?

The earth's atmosphere has five layers. The second layer is stratosphere. British scientists sent a balloon to this layer and it came back with a tiny organism, with which they were convinced that there is life on the outer layers of the earth.

It's not only on Earth that the aliens' existence is felt but also on the moon. As per the Daily Mirror newspaper, an alien base was spotted on Google Moon in August 2014. This video was released online and instantly it became viral. A dark structure was noticed with an underneath cavity. This is not a UFO but could be an alien base as reported by the UFO spotter. Later on Google Earth, an unusual object with a row of seven lights was noticed.

There are Humpty numbers of alien movies, which have become a big hit. The first movie was released in 1902 named “A Trip to the Moon”. The films show aliens in many shapes and sizes beyond anybody's imagination to make it scary with different varieties of UFOs. Not only movies even science fiction thriller television series have also hit the people who find it so interesting and amazing.

To conclude, whether aliens exist or not, nobody knows for certain because we have not seen an alien for real and they are still fictitious. But we all get so excited to talk about them and to see anything that is weird around us.

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Interesting topic and the way you looking at the concept is strange


Here are my questions, if aliens exist ...

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