Are We Alone In The Universe?

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Are We Alone In The Universe?

The universe is not just vast than we imagine, it is much beyond our imagination. Add to this, the overarching question, are we alone? And, you get a perfect recipe for debating about the existence of extra-terrestrial creatures flying around in their UFOs, trying to take over planet earth.

This has been an area of great research, and we cannot think of a time when this topic is not often raised. There have been various instances time and again that have hinted at the presence of someone else in the universe, and the question arises are we ready for someone like that?

We don’t know if aliens exist or not. But, we do know of many incidents that have strengthened our belief of their existence. Here are a few examples that prove we are not alone. Take a look:

Area 51

Now, many people argue if a real Area 51 exists or not, but, time and again there have been leaks of various images of the place that hint towards the existence of such a place. Many people have claimed to see UFOs over there, and many others have claimed seeing creatures that did not look like a normal human being. Now, whether or not an Area 51 truly exists or not is something that is buried in government official classifieds, but the fact that its name pops up time and again is a big reason enough to think that it is functional. Even America Intelligence, CIA, has said that Area 51 exists.

(Image Courtesy: How Stuff Works)

Bermuda Triangle

There are not many phenomena in this world that scientists cannot explain. However, they haven’t been able to explain aliens and also the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle. Many researchers feel that the Bermuda Triangle possesses a gravitational pull that is not experienced anywhere else on Earth and that is perhaps the reason why airplanes and ships often vanish from the triangle. However, what remains unjustified is the fact that causes such an irregular gravitational pull in the same planet. People speculate the Bermuda Triangle to be a gateway to another planet where life exists.

(Image Courtesy: Big Think)

From Ancient Paintings

It’s easy enough to write off many recent phenomena, quoting anything from wayward weather balloons to the perpetuation of the legend and UFO sightings in pop culture providing a cohesive image of extra-terrestrials for eye witnesses to draw on should someone cry alien. But what’s slightly harder to dismiss is the ancient evidence (i.e. pre the National Enquirer). Enter the ‘The Madonna with Saint Giovannino,' otherwise known as the UFO painting. Created in the 15th century, it depicts the Virgin Mary and in the backdrop of the painting, a man and his dog staring up at a hovering disk-like object that is suspiciously familiar.

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Because Astronauts Claim So

If you’re going to believe any reports of UFOs, you might as well trust those coming from the men who have been to space (who usually also come with all their teeth and a Ph.D.). The list of those who have made claims of sightings includes Edgar Mitchell, Cady Coleman, and Dr. Brian O’Leary, many also referencing government knowledge of alien existence and cover-ups. Buzz Aldrin has also spoken of his own experience on board the Apollo 11 when they saw something flying alongside them. At first, they thought it was the final stage of the detached rocket until mission control confirmed it was 6000 miles away from them.

(Image Courtesy: NASA)

Statistics Have Proved Their Existence

Back in 1961, astronomer Frank Drake devised an equation by which he could estimate the likelihood of the presence of alien life, taking into account some factors including the average number of planets able to support life and the fraction that could go on to support intelligent life. This was then implemented in 2001. The result: statistically, hundreds of thousands of such planets should technically exist.

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Allan Hills Meteorite

When scientists announced in 1996 that they'd discovered evidence of fossilized microbial life in a meteorite from Mars, it was a huge event. President Bill Clinton made a national address about the discovery, which seemed to herald the news that we are not alone. Subsequent analysis of the research, on a meteorite called Allan Hills 84001 (ALH 84001), produced controversy, with many experts asserting that the fossils could have been created by non-living processes. The evidence is still debated, and the space rock remains a topic of ongoing research.

(Image Courtesy: NASA)

Microbes In Meteorites

NASA scientist Richard Hoover published a paper March 4, 2011, claiming to have found fossil evidence for cyanobacteria in carbonaceous meteorites from outer space. Hoover observed slices of meteorites through scanning electron microscopes, and identified filaments and structures that he said resemble the tiny single-celled algae. Reaction from some scientists was skeptical, in part because the study was published in the questionable Journal of Cosmology. Other researchers said the study was conducted thoroughly, but it was too soon to say for sure whether the claim would hold up.

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