The mystery of Bermuda Triangle!!!

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The mystery of Bermuda Triangle!!!

The mystery of Bermuda Triangle
The Bermuda Triangle is a triangular area in the North Atlantic Ocean. It is also referred to as the Devil’s triangle. It is an ocean between Miami (Florida), San Juan (Puerto Rico) and Bermuda, which are the three points. It is said that more than thousand air craft’s and ships that crossed this particular area got vanished in thin air under mysterious circumstances over the past five centuries and the same still continues to happen.

Why is it called Bermuda Triangle?
Previously it was supposed to be called as Florida triangle, but Florida objected as they were afraid they might lose tourists due to it. The same way Puerto Rico also said a big No and so they named it after Bermuda.

Bermuda Triangle became very popular especially by the writers who wrote books on it. Also the incidents that happened there could not be ignored to make it more the popular.

Some of the incidents that happened were that of a cargo ship that went missing in 1918, a flight that went missing in December 1945, and they never returned. Nobody knows what happened to them.

There are various hypothesis to solve this mystery but they are all just assumptions and nobody knows for sure what the actual reason is.

Methane gas: It is said that there is a large amount methane gas trapped in that part of the ocean and as methane hydrates, the flight that pass through this area catch fire and gets destroyed completely when there is a gas blow out. The ships that sail through can get sunk due to the lower water density because of the gas eruption.

Electronic Fog: An electronic fog is a cloud of electromagnetic fields that forms over the ocean and this thick cloud of fog could appear from nowhere and swallow the ship or the airplane. As it keeps moving along with the ship or aircraft, gradually the instrument stops working and they vanish without any trace. In 1979, John Hutchison proved in his lab in Vancouver that with electromagnetic fields of different wavelengths, strange things like water rotation and swirling in a cup, metal and wooden objects rising and floating, at times objects start to fly at high speeds, etc. If a scientist can do this in his house, which he used as a lab, imagine how incredibly devastating the nature’s creation would be.

Gulf Stream: This is an ocean current which has its origin in the Gulf of Mexico which passes through the Bermuda Triangle via Florida. This current looks like a river inside the ocean which can carry objects that are sailing or flying. There is one very interesting incident of a cabin cruiser ship named "Witchcraft" which reported engine fault on December 22, 1967, near the Miami area but when the coast guard team reached the spot there was nobody and it could not be found at all.

Strange weather and Hurricanes: There are certain storms which form quickly and move away so fast that satellites cannot identify them at all. Such a storm or a Hurricane is capable of destroying the ships and airplanes completely. In 1502, a sinking of a ship called Francisco Bobadilla's Spanish ship was due to a Hurricane.

Apart from the above, there are supernatural theories like aliens, UFOs, etc, but nobody knows for sure what is happening in the Bermuda triangle.

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The Bermuda triangle is a mythical section of the Atlantic Ocean roughly bounded between Miami, Bermuda and Puerto Rico where dozens of ships and airplanes have disappeared. Unexplained circumstances surround some of these accidents, including one in which the pilots of a squadron of U.S. Navy bombers became disoriented while flying over the area; the planes were never found.

Although myriad fanciful theories have been proposed regarding the Bermuda triangle, none of them prove that mysterious disappearance occur more frequently there than in other well-traveled sections of the ocean. In fact, people navigate the area everyday without incident.

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