Which is your favourite fiction book?

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Fiction books are imaginary books. They are not based on real life stories or events. They contain fiction stories which have imaginary characters and imaginary storyline. 

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War and Turpentine written by Stefan Hertmans is my  favourite fiction book.

My favourite fiction remains ' The kite runner' written by Khaled Hosseini. The work beautifully describes the afghanistan which is beyond our realm of imagination. There too lived a harmonious society before the advent of Taliban or War lordsor the advent of Soviet Union. The traditional festival kite flying is given a vivid description. But more than that the author dwelves on the relationship between two friends, clearly portraying their innocence, love and laughter.

The author takes us to an entirely different world filled with heart breaking emotions, anger, vengeance and regret, whuch we all would have faced one or other way in our complicated life.

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