Famous fictional women characters

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Famous fictional women characters
There are many famous, influential and powerful female characters in the fiction world.

Some of them are

Elizabeth Bennet
Elizabeth Bennet of ‘Pride and Prejudice’ is the fictional character of Jane Austen. The witty, charm and the mighty strength of mind make her a favorite among the readers. She, being the dear of her father and pillar of her family makes us dream to have a daughter like her.

Lisbeth Salander
The protagonist of ‘The girl with dragon tattoo’ series is the work of  Steig Larsson. Her abrupt nature and the resolve of fighting against the evil and the mode of revenge done against her wrongdoers makes us wish for the existence of such characters in the real world.

Nilanjana is the heroine of ‘The French Lover’ by Taslima Nasrin. The book is the journey the protagonist undergoes and her assertion of independence in this male dominated society. She makes us think about the discrimination women faces in our society and abroad.

The strong character of ‘The thousand splendid suns’ penned by Khaled Hosseini, Mariam clearly depicts the agonies and worthlessness the women faces in Afghanistan and her strong decision to help and protect her friend.

Nuesa Munez
The antagonist of the Sidney Sheldon’s ‘Windmills of the Gods,' evokes a sense of fear and yet an attraction to this woman whose actions are nothing but bizarre.

Mary Ashley
Sidney Sheldon is famous for creating powerful women characters and Mary Ashley is the best example in ‘Windmills of the Gods”. Her intelligence, sharpness, cunning and the manipulative tactics she deploys are one of a kind.

Kate Blackwell
Sidney Sheldon’s ‘Master of the game’ creates this corporate billionaire Kate Blackwell famous for her ruthlessness and keen business acumen seen throughout the novel.
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