Which are the Most Mysterious Places in the World?

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Which are the Most Mysterious Places in the World?

Most of us take Earth as quite a predictable planet and assume that we have a fair amount of knowledge about it. However, the Earth is full of oddities and places with unexplained nature. Over the centuries, these mysterious places in the world have left even the scientists and researchers in a state of bewilderment.

From Bermuda Triangle and Area 51 to the Superstition Mountains and Racetrack Playa, here are the 11 most mysterious places on the Earth.

#1. Bermuda Triangle

One of the most mysterious places in the world, Bermuda Triangle or the Devil’s Triangle is located somewhere in the North Atlantic Ocean. Numerous ships and air crafts have said to be disappeared while passing through this mysterious region. Many even claimed the presence of extraterrestrial beings around the area. However, there is still no definite answer to the mystery that lurks around the Bermuda Triangle

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#2. Superstition Mountains, Arizona, USA

What makes the Superstition Mountains quite intriguing is the legend associated with it. The legend says that a German immigrant, Jacob Waltz discovered a deposit of gold in the area. However, he revealed the fact only on his deathbed in the year 1891. It is believed that several mines at the place have been discovered by Waltz himself.

Some Native American tribes even believe that the Superstition Mountains have the pathway to hell and the winds coming from the pathway cause dust storm in the area.

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#3. Area 51, Nevada, USA 

Area 51 is the most mysterious air-base in the world. Despite decades of speculations and theories, what goes on inside the base is still a mystery for the world. While some claim alien activities, others believe that the US Government used the base to film the 1969 moon landing. With a large number of theories, the base still stands as one of the most mysterious places on Earth.

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#4. Racetrack Playa, Death Valley

Located in California, USA, Death Valley is famous for its sailing stones. The place became one of the most mysterious places on Earth in the early twentieth century when it was claimed that a stone here had moved on its own. Since then, numerous cases like these have been associated with this place. However, an intriguing part is that no one actually saw the stones moving. It was just through the trails that the stones leave behind, that people were able to find out about the mysterious stone activities.


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#5. Aokigahara, Japan

The mysterious land at the foothills of Mount Fuji, Japan is also known as the Suicide Forest. It is claimed by many that anyone who enters the Aokighara Forest is likely to kill themselves. It is believed that more than 500 people have committed suicide in the spooky forests. With the unexplained nature of suicide cases, Aokighara Forest is one of the most mysterious places in the world.

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#6. Crooked Forest, Poland

Located near Gryfino, Crooked Forest is another mysterious stretch of land which has left many in a state of perplexity. An intriguing feature of the forest is that the trees here are bent in a similar fashion. The 80-year-old trees form an unexplained arc at the bottom. Various theories by scientists and researchers have been put forward, but there is still no definite answer to the uncanny phenomenon.

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#7. Magnetic Hill, Ladakh, India

Another one of the earth oddities, Magnetic Hill at Ladakh is quite a strange place to visit. It is said a small stretch of road on your way to Srinagar-Leh highway tends to pull the vehicles. If you stop your car in neutral at this road, the car will eerily start moving at a speed of 20 kilometers per hour. With the peculiar force, this place stands among one of the most mysterious places on Earth.

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We would love to hear from you. Which place do you find the most mysterious? Kindly use the comment box to share your thoughts and opinions with us.  

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