Why do Husbands Lose Interest in their Wives?

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Why do Husbands Lose Interest in their Wives?

Relationships are tricky. How many times do we hear that a husband has lost interest in his wife? We bet, quite a lot of times. If that happens, have we ever wondered why does a husband lose interest in his wife? Well, most of us will likely blame the man for not loving his wife enough. However, there are several things that women do, often unknowingly, that push their man away from them.

So, if you feel that your husband is losing interest in you or if the damage has already been done, we bring to you a few reasons as to why husbands lose interest in their wives. Avoid these, and your husband might not lose interest in you. Take a look:

#1. Desperation

Men and women have different definitions of being desperate. What men call despair, might actually be a genuine interest from women. However, because the two see the world in different lights; if husbands feel their wives are being too desperate, they gradually start losing their interest. So, show less interest. The less you seek him, the more he will seek you.

Why do Husbands lose Interest in their Wives?

#2. Acting Like Fools

If you don’t want your husband to lose interest in you, stop acting like a fool right away. Playing ‘dumb’ used to be fun back in high school, but it surely is a major turn off once people grow up. Men like women who are intelligent and can hold themselves. So, if you’ve been acting dumb, stop immediately.

#3. You’re Too Easy

Wives often give in to their husbands’ demands. They feel that if they don’t, then their husbands will lose interest in them. We’ll tell you that this fact is far away from reality. Yes, you have to be understanding, but never come across as someone who is too easy to get. People love challenges, and if they don’t find one in you, they’ll forget you easily. So, find the right amount of understanding and sturdiness when it comes to fulfilling your husband’s demands.

Wives often give in to their husbands’ demands

#4. The Ex's Banter

This is a major element that turns men off. Out of a billion good things, your ex must be the last topic to be discussed with your husband. If you talk too much about your ex or if you constantly compare other men to your ex, chances are that your husband will quickly lose interest in you. Keep the conversation short whenever his topic needs to be addressed. 

#5. Being Too Demanding

Like we discussed above, you have to find the balance between being understanding and being sturdy. Never demand too much out of your husband, and make him do things against his wishes. Remember that nobody should be forced into doing anything that they don’t wish to. So, if you’ve been ordering too much out of your husband, it is only a matter of time before your husband loses interest in you.

Wives often give in to their husbands’ demands

#6. Faking Things

If you portray someone who you are actually not, then chances are that your husband is going to eventually lose interest in you. A relationship should be honest, and there shouldn’t be any place for pretense in it. Just be who you are and never ‘try to be’ someone if you wish to save your relationship.

Why do Husbands lose Interest in their Wives?

#7. Not Being Discreet Enough

If you told your husband that it is okay if he chilled with his friends, and later created a scene when he came back, then the days of your relationship are numbered. Never send mixed signals and never let things for your husband’s imagination to decide. Keep your word. If you don’t want him to do something, tell him clearly.

So, there you have it. If you feel that your husband had lost interest in you or if your husband is losing interest in you, these are the possible reasons why it happened. If you want to add more to this, kindly use the comments’ box below and let us know.

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