Why do fathers bond better with daughters?

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Why do fathers bond better with daughters?

Fathers are always known to bond with their daughters in comparison to their sons. There are numerous reasons for the same and it is always an emotional bond between the two which makes life a playful journey for both father and the daughter.

Father teaches the daughter to be strong

It is the father who teaches her daughter to be strong and soft at the same time. It is due to this bonding only that girls develop a strong personality when they grow old.

Daughters look up to their Fathers

Daughters look up to their fathers and imbibe the positive qualities of their fathers. She understands the world in a better manner as a consequence of this.

Fathers share secrets with daughters

As a son, you might not know the stories and secrets of your father but he will always love to share them with your sister. This is because fathers have a special bond with daughters and share secrets with them.

Fathers guide daughters on their life options

Daughters always fall upon their fathers when it comes to choosing options in life. It can be either concerning their personal lives or on the choice of their career.

The bond between daughter and father is special indeed and it grows stronger with passing time.

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