Do you think your parents have a right to know your secrets?

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Do you think your parents have a right to know your secrets?

Parents are considered as the roots of our lives. We all came into this world because of them and no one can deny this fact. But at times we confine ourselves to a particular world and never get rid of it. In the process of making the world, we develop a harsh relationship with our parents. This relationship is considered as harsh because of the secrets we possess that cannot be shared with our parents. These secrets which we readily share with people of our age group is not taken well by our parents. Considering a certain generation gap, it is obvious that they have a different mindset and can't handle the lifestyle of our generation.

That’s why it is not advisable that parents get to have a look at our secrets. Although this sounds a bit awkward, considering the fact that they are an essential part of our life, but certain things should be kept hidden. Things that are termed by our parents as unhealthy, but at the same time we have a feeling of filled. This generally happens due to the vast generation gap between us and our parents. They simply have no idea of our world, how it evolved and where we got the ideas. Therefore, having an annoyed look is pretty much justified from their side.

I have seen instances when kids even younger than me actually stay apart from their parents just to live a life of their own. Kids or we may say teens who have still yet to reach adult age, depict their parents as people who are different from their world. This perception drives them to start a living either in a hostel or in separate houses, which are obviously shared by other similar individuals. Thoughts such as pursuing a different career goal or even ideas of romance seem to be the centre of their mind. They constantly try their best not to disclose any of these thoughts to their parents. Parents, on the other hand, have a perception of their child being independent.

Parents on the first step should take care of certain things. Like the mentality of this generation. If the children or teens find that their parent's mentality lags behind, they distance themselves from them. On the other hand, we all must agree to the fact that at times parents act as a decision maker in our lives. It is the experience of their life that helps us tackle difficult situations. Therefore, sometimes secrets are to be told. Parents should take care of this as they are the one who has to make an approach first. If they try to get into the generation of their kids then subsequently the kids will even share all of their secrets. Nevertheless, sometimes sharing will help in solving problems that can often lead to difficult situations in the future.

Certain individuals tell everything to their parents. Their love interest, their style, even at times they speak up their deep desires in front of their parents. These individuals have a deep love for their parents and due to this love, they share every bit of their happiness with their parents. Sometimes the parents behave in a different manner and at times they welcome the broad mentality of their child. Any which way, parents in a way learn to cope up with their children.

But things become uglier when certain parents impose restrictions or thoughts on their child. They persuade their child to follow a particular step and go on to a specific direction. This hampers the child a lot. Due to this reason many children prefer not to tell their secrets to the parents. At times, some children also get isolated because of not being able to share their feelings. No doubt with the due course they learn to share things with their friends, but the connection with a known individual is completely lost.

Children these days summarise different information and categorise them as to say it or not. Some useful information which will gain benefit is shared with parents and the problems or secrets which are termed as unacceptable is just debarred. This process is going on in every house. Even I have restricted my parents to certain thoughts which I assume to be dangerous if at all they have an idea of it. This helps to retain the trust of the parents and at the same time, secrets are kept without any hesitance. No doubt, if we completely ignore them just to keep our secrets intact, it would be a big problem to live life hassle free. Therefore, striking a balance is necessary.

Whether disclosing a secret to parents is good, completely depends on an individual. If he/she thinks that his/her parents are understanding and caring, things should be shared at once. On the other hand, if one knows that’s things will get ugly by spilling the beans, he/she should keep the secrets sealed. Therefore the decision is ours, we belong to a generation where we are independent and creative. Therefore, sharing secrets to our parents in an effective process is necessary.

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