There is no gain without some pain

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There is no gain without some pain

“No gain without pain”.  

You may be reminded of this proverb during the end of every month as you smile at your cheque received from your company in the form of 'salary'. Finally, you sigh out a relief after a month -long of hard work and time sacrificed by you.  Thus goes this saying which in other words means that we cannot gain success without any effort invested.

However, this may be contrary in case of those who may have gained wealth by luck sans the trial and tribulations in life. For example, a prize money earned through a lottery or luck dip could oppose this saying as there is no great effort in this method.

The same is also applicable in case of those who have been born with a silver spoon in their mouth - such as a millionaire's son who may be inheriting the fortunes of his dad or ancestors without any pain and thus lying down in a bed of roses!  Such cases nevertheless, are rare and can be taken as exceptions.

The fact remains that there is no short cut to success which cannot be achieved overnight either, but  success demands labor and time which can be regarded as investments yielding valuable returns. So keep yourself motivated with this power-packed proverb and use it in your daily life be it work or home to come out with flying colors!

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