Is being Single Minded Good or Bad Thing?

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Is being Single Minded Good or Bad Thing?

There is no denying the fact that there is something that separates successful people from the rest of the crowd. They possess certain innate qualities that others just don’t have and these qualities help them stand out of the crowd. Though we can produce a long list of such characteristics, the one that we are here to talk about today is single-mindedness.

What does it really mean to be single-minded? Is it a good or a bad thing? How does it help you to get to your goals? Well, if you are looking for answers to these questions and more, then you are on the right page as here we are going to tell you all you need to know about single-mindedness and how becoming a single-minded person can turn your life around. All we need from you is that you keep reading.

To answer the question as to if being single-minded is a good or a bad thing, of course, it is a good thing. It is a key to the glory that several successful people in the world swear by. It is among the qualities that separate extra-ordinary people from the regular ones.

Being single-minded means that instead of multitasking and trying to find a solution to all your problems at once, you concentrate on one issue at a time and find the best solution for it before moving to the next. Being single-minded is the quality to let go of all the things that do not matter and only take into account what does.

Therefore, becoming single-minded is how you can deal with all your problems in life without letting them become too big of a burden. To give you a better understanding of how exactly single-mindedness helps you succeed in life, we have listed some pointers below. Check these out. 

#1. You Delve Into The Task In Hand

One of the most crucial ways that being single-minded helps you in life is that it allows you to indulge yourself at the task in hand completely. When you multitask, your brain jumps from one task to another without spending enough time at either of the tasks to complete them with perfection. In other words, when you multitask, you only scratch the surface of the issue, without exploring it to the fullest. However, when you focus all our energy on one problem at a time, you get a thorough understanding of it and come up with fresh and innovative ideas to deal with it that you otherwise would not be able to conceive.

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Ask any successful person, and they will tell you that the best way to get the optimum results is by focusing all your energy and efforts in one direction. When your efforts are scattered, you will get what might be called just good enough outcome, and you get way off from your target of reaching perfection. And this gets us to our next point.

#2. It Helps You Make The Right Decision

Do we even need to say this? When you become single-minded, you ignore all the distractions and get a clear glimpse of what you need to achieve. Then all our energy is focused on finding the best way to get the outcome you earn. You come up with different ways you can get to your target, weigh all your options and pick the one that is best suited to the circumstances.

However, that is not the case when you are focused on several multiple tasks at hand. In that scenario, you seldom get enough time to come up with the several possible solutions to your problem and weighing them against each other. And, then you end up picking the option which you thought was the best from the small list of solutions you came up with. Here, the decision you make might be a good one, but it is rarely the best decision that you could have made. Therefore, to make the best decision in any circumstances, you need to be single-minded.

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#3. It Makes Everything Simple

Breaking an issue down to the most basic level is the essence of problem-solving. When you are single-minded, you focus only on what matters the most, and nothing much else. When you remove everything that does not matter, you get a clear sight of what you need to deal with and what are your options. Having too much on your plate in your life or focusing on too many tasks at once only complicates things and lead to frustration.

Therefore, being single-minded makes your life simple. You deal with one problem in your life and then move onto the next, or focus on the most important goal at the time and move forward from there. One could say that this simplicity is the key to dealing with stress and being happy in life.

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Is the pressure at work getting too much for you to handle? Are you feeling frustrated? Here are some tips that can help you in these circumstances.

#4. It Helps Create A Work-Life Balance

Another great advantage of being single-minded is that it helps you create an amazing balance between your work and your personal life. One problem that many, if not all, of us face, is that we cannot separate our work from our lives when our career or job is a mere part of what constitutes our life. Often times, our personal life interferes with our work or it is the other way around. And as a result of that, we fail to excel at any of the two and end up being an average employee at the same time, failing to fulfill our duties as a son, daughter, husband, wife, father or mother.

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Being single-minded is what we need at this point. When it is the time to be a good child, parent or partner, we should focus all our energy on that, and when it is time to complete a project assigned to us by our boss, then that is what we should be entirely concentrated on. There is no middle way where we can fulfill our responsibilities in life and also come out as a champion in our work as well. One thing at a time is the key to excelling in different spheres of life.

#5. It Helps You Succeed

Last but certainly not the least, being single-minded is a step on the ladder that will take you to your success. People who are successful will tell you that it is not handling all the problems in your life or business that will help you succeed. It is facing them one by one and getting the best solution for them that will help you get to the top of your field. No one ever achieved greatness by getting just a good enough solution to the issue in their hand. It was their inventiveness and thinking out of the box ability that set them apart from the thousands or perhaps millions of other people in the world. And how do you get to those creative ideas that nobody else is thinking of? Right! By becoming single-minded.

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While these are the several reasons that you should center all your efforts in one direction at a time, you should also keep in mind that focusing on one problem should not let any other of your problems from getting out of hand that you are never able to correct them again. You have to find what issue needs your focused attention at the moment and after getting the best solution for it, you move to the next problem that needs your attention.

What do you think about the article? What do you think about the several benefits of becoming single-minded that we shared? Do you have some of your own? Share those with us through your comments in the box below. We would love to pick your mind.

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There are some qualities that put you in the league of special people. While many of these qualities are
hard to develop, some are such that you can easily acquire them. And one of these qualities is being
single minded. I believe it is a great help in life if you are a single minded person. In this world, we are
constantly bombarded with distractions that try to take our attention away from the things of utmost
importance. And as a result of that, we do not give proper attention to anything we do.
However, there are several forms of single mindedness. One is a bad form while the other one is good.
The former one being when you become so preoccupied with your tasks or responsibilities that you lose
grip on everything else. This can be labeled as self obsessed or self centered type of personality. This is
often seen in people who are suffering from some sort of mild or severe mental disorder. This is not the
type of single mindedness that you want. 
The kind of single mindedness that you should seek is the good one where you have the ability to block
out erroneous thoughts and distractions, and focus all your energy on the task that you are performing
at the moment. 
If you aren’t single minded, then you do not need to lose hope and there are several tricks and tips you
can use to train your mind to focus better on your tasks. For instance, you can start by creating an
environment where there aren’t many distractions and you can concentrate on whatever you see. The
other one is the power of intention. It means that you shouldn’t just set goals for yourself. Instead, what
you should do is clear your intentions about what you need to achieve and affirm that to yourself that
you will get it. 

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