How to stop Missing someone?

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How to stop Missing someone?
Do you wish to stop missing somebody? Have you been over thinking about that someone lately? In our lives, we generally try to distract ourselves by pushing away thoughts of that special one or remain in denial about the fact that the person is there in our life.  But, you would have also noticed that these tricks don’t yield out the results which we desire, and we continue thinking about the same person incessantly.

The main reason for missing somebody is that you loved them way too much before and suddenly they planned to vanish from your life. In turn, there is an unbearable and unmanageable pain in the heart which makes you miss them more.

So, in this article, we will talk about effective ways to stop thinking about somebody. Are you curious to know them? Let’s get started.

#1. Thank Him Or Her

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You may feel the fire in you once they leave, but after some time, it will get extinguished. Then, you could send them personal thank you note telling them how grateful you are to them for helping you to become a better person. You could also tell them how much they meant to you and thank them for the amazing times you had with him or her and for the lessons you learned from them.

#2. Send An E-Mail To Yourself

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This might sound weird to you but it surely works!  During our childhood days, we were told to maintain a journal to jot down our thoughts and feelings by our elders. Similarly, since the world has started walking on the digital path, you could jot down your thoughts in an e-mail and send it back to yourself to make yourself feel better. This is one of the effective methods to know what triggers such feelings and may be you could work on those stimulants.

#3. New Friends

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If you are no more in contact with somebody who was close to you, get involved in new friendships who can give you the same amount of support. You act supportive in return too so it becomes mutual. And by doing such a thing, you won’t be replacing the other person. Instead, you would be moving on from your past by just growing your circle and getting to know people who can have a positive effect on your life. It is not good to hold on to your past which gives aches to your heart, so better start a new life with new people.

#4. Don’t Sit At Home

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One of the biggest blunders individuals create when somebody goes out of their lives is hibernating at home. It does not help, trust us! You need to move out of your place and probably seek help from activities that give you pleasure such as shopping for girls and gym for boys. If you sit at home, you will end up missing the person even more.  This is one of the best ways to distract yourself. Give it a try and let us know!

#5. Give Yourself Sometime To Grieve

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There is no one sound manner to grieve. Everybody has their own way to grieve which should be respected. While grieving over somebody whom you cared about, died or moved away from you due to some reason can help you in overcoming their inevitable loss. You cannot heal overnight no matter how much you try; everybody needs time to get over something which once meant a lot to them. You also know it for yourself that it does work!

Hope you liked this article! If you face any doubts while reading the article, please let us know by commenting in the box below.
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