Should you have Sex on your First Date?

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Should you have Sex on your First Date?

Every ‘good girl’ of the society is told and actually claimed not to have sex on the very first date. Isn’t it? However, people have their own perceptions about it. Some of the dates are sexually attractive and supercharged, some, on the other hand, are not. The physical interest and nervous energy go hand in hand. Therefore it is not very certain to talk about it that is it a good idea or not. Jumping into a strange sack can be either be an amazing spontaneous plan or an absolutely bad idea.

We sometimes think that getting into bed too soon will make you a less of an integrated person. But the mind of every individual does not work the same. Sex is certainly considered as an important component in a relationship. For a successful relationship, intimacy is important. Therefore, you should never be ashamed of it. However, you want to do it on the first date or not is completely your choice. For some people, it is important to establish a comfortable sexual compatibility early in a relationship. For them having sex on your first date is a good move. But not to forget for some people it is exactly the opposite. Let us consider both the sides so that we are aware of the two sides of the coins.

Why Should You Have Sex On Your First Date?

#1. Sexual Compatibility, Utmost Important

It is actually very tough to find a sexually compatible partner. Having sex on the first night can make you realize that whether you have got that sexual compatibility or not. A fair share of people wants to have a partner who is compatible with them in the bed. Different people love different things in bed. Sometimes it does not match; therefore it is better to know these things at the beginning of the relationship so that you are sure where you are heading. And even if you did not have a good time on the date because of any circumstances, the time for bed will purely communicate with it.

#2. You Both Will Keep Coming For More

It’s a myth that that having sex on the very first date takes away all the romance and things get turned away. But it does not, apparently. If you enjoy the time spent together, you both will crave having that time again. Be confident and enjoy every bit of it as it will strengthen the bond and will make you want for more. People are usually inclined to more after witnessing the first date like this. It generally increases your chances of meeting for the next time. If someone likes you, they like you. They will never think odd of you if they liked you and enjoyed the first date.

#3. It Will Actually Connect You Both

Sexual compatibility is undoubtedly the most important part of a relationship. In order to establish that special bond and connection between you both, you can have sex on the first date. By having sex on the first date, you are making yourself comfortable with each other. It will surely increase your attraction to each other if you enjoy time with each other. You shouldn’t be ashamed of something which most of the people consider being the most significant component of a relationship. For those it is important to establish a connection, having sex on the first date isn’t a very bad move.

#4. You Really Get To Know Each Other A Lot Better

First dates are naturally uncomfortable and awkward at first. However, you finally relax when you leave the bar and get physical for the first time. That can take a lot of awkwardness and make you both comfortable. You both will be letting your guard fall off. You get to know so much about each other. You are able to look at the person completely and their life as well. Obviously, if you are spending so much time together with each other, it will gradually make you know a lot of things about each other.

#5. Sex Is Good For Health, Surprising, But True

Known almost by everyone, that sex is extremely healthy. Having sex is good for health. So, if you feel like taking this move, go ahead with it and do it. You should not feel afraid or ashamed if you both want to do it. You can satisfy your needs if you want to have sex. As long as you are taking the precautions to keep the sex and yourself safe, there is no harm in having sex even on the first night. If something you want to have is healthy and fun, why not? So frankly if you want to do it, there is no harm in having sex on the first date.

Why Shouldn't You Have Sex On The First Date?

#1. You Rarely Satisfy Each Other On The First Date

This is something most important to consider. As you both hardly know each other, it will be very difficult for you two to satisfy each other’s need. That is quite obvious that you haven’t known each other for way too long as if you would have, you wouldn’t have been on the first date. Anyway, the point of consideration is that if you do not know each other almost at all, how will you be able to be comfortable in bed? Will it be possible to satisfy each other while having sex? That’s still under doubts. It is quite difficult to satisfy all the sexual needs if you are engaging in coitus with an almost unknown person.

#2. First Date Sex Confuses Love And Sexual Chemistry

Okay! Something already under dilemma, but if you are physically attracted towards someone, then chances are that you can easily confuse that as love. However, that is far from love at every direction. You can definitely feel sexual chemistry on the very date, but love? Not really! Getting to the love part is very far, but certainly, sexual chemistry can be felt be on the very first date. You can possibly confuse that sexual chemistry with falling in love. Love can never happen just by physically enjoying time with one another, moreover in just one time. So the sexual chemistry goes first and love follows.

#3. It Is Purely Sex And Not Love Making

When you have sex on your first date, you obviously do not have romantic and emotional feelings for that persona. It makes love empty and void. There are no prime emotions involved in that sex. There is a difference between in having sex and lovemaking. Feelings and love make that difference between two people. The act of intercourse can be very fun but if it does not involve romantic feelings, it just loses the spark it ought to have. If you anticipate that there are feelings, you end up getting hurt. The first date sex is pure sex and can hardly be turned into lovemaking.

#4. It Can Never Be Undone, Even If The Relationship Does Not Work Out

You can never take that night back even if you try to forget it. The deed once done, is done. You are somewhere stuck between it if one of you want to meet, and the other one does not. Even if the things do not work out, you will have to face it quite frequently. Breaking up after the first date is not something that one would do. These are the acts that should be done when you do not have the chance of regretting it. Sleeping with someone on your very first can mostly lead you to the unmanageable drama and regrets that you won’t forget very soon.

#5. The First Date Can Possibly Train To Be A Cheater

Okay, ladies and gentlemen, ‘Ross’ can never be forgotten. Even if he said it for a thousand times in the show that “he was apparently on a break.” But we all are completely aware that he did cheat. If you do not practice having sex on the first night, you could easily get over these situations safely. First date sex can certainly train you to be a cheater. Maybe sometimes to yourself too more than the other person. Someone with high sex desire is prone to cheat when they can.

There are always two sides of a situation. These were the two sides of this sides. Let us know your thoughts and experience regarding this in the comment section below.

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Posted by: Jason Posts: (3) Opinions: (5) Points: 250 Rank: 663

A common belief is there of course that you should not have sex on your first date with
someone. But I believe it totally depends upon your own choice and comfort level with the
other person. However, my personal perspective is a little favoring the latter part of the
article. I feel there is no point of getting intimate with someone that you have almost no
feelings for. In just one date you can never fall in love. As they say “there is a huge
difference in having sex and making love”. So I believe lovemaking is a passionate and
beautiful process which will make you feel on the ninth cloud that first date sex can never
do it to you. Even a small peck makes you feel special if it out of love and not out of lust.
Moreover, if you have sex on the very first date it makes you crave for more, of course.
However, we need to know and remind this to yourself that it is just a lustful relationship if
you crave for having sex and not spending time with each other. Why root an uncertainty
and regret that you might not feel good about later. I think it is very important to know each
other and most importantly be physically comfortable for getting intimate. Also, I feel if you
have sex on the very first night, you tend to get away from the emotional attachment which
is utmost important of life. The bottom line lies that it is not necessary that we all should not
or should have sex on the first night. But it is an individualistic choice and should remain
that way. If you feel you have enough physical compatibility with the specific person, you
should go for it. 

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