How to Cope with Bad Sex?

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How to Cope with Bad Sex?

Your bedroom is a dynamic place and so is sex. You never know what kind of experience it can leave you with. If you people are not able to sack each other on fire, think about it and try to cope with the bad sex. 

It is sometimes hard to communicate that you or your partner is experiencing bad sex. However, if you are aware of it, do something to cope with the bad sex. Let’s dig in a few points to turn bad sex into a great one.

#1. Take Over The Reins

If you and your partner are experiencing bad sex there can never be an excuse for it. You really need to start working on it. As much it is important for a man to take initiatives and take a step forward in order to make the sex life better, it is equally important for a woman to think about the ways to improve the sex life with their partner. In order to take over the pace of improvement, make sure you are guiding them right. If you are not good at verbally discussing these things with your partner, make sure you are guiding their hands in the right direction so that they are aware what to do and what not to. 

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#2. Communication Is The Best Way

Communication is indeed the foundation and key to an amazing relationship. Well, not just relationship, communication is extremely beneficial in improving your sex life as well. Have an honest and open relationship about your sex life with your partner to set some potential improvement. Admit it or not, having a great bed life is essential in a relationship to keep it healthy and exciting. Though, it is not that easy to have this discussion as it will be very awkward in the initial stage. However, it can do wonders for the relationship. You need to put your values and vulnerabilities in front of your partner so that they can give you strength in bed. 

#3. Introduce Sex Toys Into Your Life

When it comes to using sex toys in the act of intercourse, it seems really new and awkward. However, they can act as great assets to increase the pleasurable experience. This can be a little tricky though, but if you use them effectively, the toys can improve your sex life like in one night. If you are a woman and using toys with your man, make sure to assure him that he is the one who is giving you orgasm, not the toy as the experience shouldn’t break his confidence. Same goes for men as well. It can boost adventure in the bed with your partner. Also, it will promote healthy sexual behavior for you and your partner as well. But make sure that you are not making them uncomfortable or pressurizing them.

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#4. Try New Positions, They Might Work For You

If you have been doing sex in one set position but it is not working for you, change it right away. Sex is something that can never be constant, it is rather dynamic and adventurous. It is an act of exploring your partner and yourself with them. Make sure you are trying to change your sex game every once in a while if your partner is not liking it. If you have been sticking to the same pattern for a long time, it is the time perhaps to change that pattern and try different positions that you haven’t explored yet. Just remember, sex is not something you learn and then do what was learned. Sex is an act of creativity.

#5. Discuss Fantasies And Desires With Your Partner

If you think talking won’t help, you are completely going in a wrong direction as talking about your sexual problems can solve almost EVERYTHING. By everything, we mean everything. If you will share what you desire the most from your partner in bed, they will certainly keep this mind the next time they are in bed with you. Sharing fantasies keep you close to achieve what your desires are. If you wish to turn your bad sex into a good one, you need to share what is bothering you and what you love the most. You shouldn’t be feeling awkward in sharing something with your partner especially when you are so close to them physically. 

#6. Make Your Foreplay Exciting

If you and your partner are experiencing bad sex, make sure you have other things to enjoy and look forward to. Make the other things better apart from sex. Once you will start enjoying the foreplay, you will ultimately like your partner in sex as well. Bad sex can be turned into good sex when you enjoy everything else with your partner. Try and make your foreplay amazing until the time you don’t get perfect at sex. Being disappointed with yourself will not let you become best at anything. However, making efforts in the small things will make you get the bigger things in life.

#7. Abandon Monotony And Spice Things Up 

This should probably be the most important thing in this concept. All you need to do is try different things to spice up your sex life. Sex, as we discussed above as well, is not a routine activity that you have to perform in a set pattern. You can always personalize it and make it your own. Try different things like scented candles, different positions to what works best for you and search for better ideas to make sex even better. Don’t just enter in the bedroom and think about having sex and end up having a bad experience. Do some homework on the things you could possibly improve or your partner might not like. If you are lacking passion in your sex life, work upon it. You really need to reimagine the things that you want in your sex life.

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Different people have different conceptions about sex. However, bad sex can easily be turned into a great experience. Do you have any other tips to share with us to cope with bad sex? Let us know in the comment section below. We look forward to your replies.

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