How to Have Fun with your Boyfriend at Home?

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How to Have Fun with your Boyfriend at Home?

Are you thinking of spending some time with your boyfriend alone at home? But you wonder how to make the most of the day. Your boyfriend is coming home after a long time and you wish to spend the whole day making memories. What are the things to do with your boyfriend at home? If you are planning to go to your boyfriend’s place then what are the things to do with your boyfriend at his house?

When people live away from each other in a long distance relationship, then it becomes a little less possible to meet often and when they meet they try to spend time alone. But spending some time alone cannot be generalized to the long-distance couples. Couples who live close to each other may not also enjoy spending time with each other too often. Hanging out together at the clubs, restaurants, games can become too ordinary and couples stop enjoying. What to do in such a situation? 

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Plan a day back at his or her home and do whatever you want to. The best part about spending a day with the boyfriend alone at home is that you get privacy. You will not have to worry about a friend appearing in the scene out of nowhere to spoil your day. You both can be whoever you want to be with each other. You do not have to stand in front of your wardrobe for hours thinking about what you have to wear. At home, you can be in the most comfortable and casual clothes. So, your worry for the perfect dress, hair, and makeup is resolved. And do you know what else is best? You will be saving a lot of money. Yes, when you hang out at home, there is no need to pay bills for food or games. You can eat whatever there is at home meaning that you save money. You can use the money for further dates or you can start saving money for a trip together. After you have had fun at home, you can retire to bed. You do not have to wait to get back to home to relax because you will be home. Think of all the time you will be saving by not being a part of the traffic at night. Now that we know the perks of spending time with the boyfriend at home let us know how to enjoy that time. What are the fun things to do with your boyfriend at home? What are the things to do with your boyfriend at home? Here are some tips to enjoy time with your boyfriend at home.

#1. Play Fun Games

Guys love playing video games. You can get a few video games and you both can compete against each other. You will definitely have a lot of fun. Do not be too competitive as it could lead to you both having heated arguments. It should be a chilling and relaxing game session. The purpose is to have fun. If you do not know how to play a video game, then this is the best time to learn. Make your boyfriend teach you how to play the video game. You both will bond with this game, and if your boyfriend is not fond of video games, then you can also play board games or play games like truth or dare. You can know a lot about each other through this game, and you can make him confront something you think he had been hiding. You can give each other funny or romantic dares. Couples can make their own games with their own rules. You will be doing something creative and this will allow positive energies to flow in your relationship.

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#2. Workout Together

If both of you are fitness freaks, then try to workout together at home. It is a fun and interesting idea to spend time with each other. Watch workout videos or dance videos and do it together. Dance is also a kind of workout, and there are various dance forms that have been introduced especially for working out like Zumba. Challenge each other while working out and reward the person for the best performance. You can eat anything you like for dinner without feeling guilty.

#3. Prepare Meals For Each Other

While you are at home, you can cook for each other to pamper and express your love. Get in the kitchen and make a dish for each other together. You will have to coordinate to cook at one time and you will try the best to cook a delicious meal because the other would eat it. If either of you does not know how to cook or if you both do not know how to cook, then try to prepare something easy or learn cooking together. The kitchen may become a mess after you leave but you both will enjoy doing something you have never done. It will be a fun thing to do with your boyfriend at home. You will be left with a lot of memories.

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#4. Binge Watch Your Favorite Shows

Binge watch a television series or plan a movie marathon. Gather all your and his favorite movies and play them all day long or you could watch them at night. You can also watch cartoons or animated movies and recollect your childhood memories. The old memories will revive and you will know more about each other’s childhood. You will not get bored with so much of entertainment. When you are done with watching movies or when you get bored with television, you can sing karaoke. If you both love music, then a karaoke will be a great idea. You can brush up your singing skills.

#5. Make Way For Intimacy

Intimacy is one important part of a relationship. There would be privacy at home, so you make use of it. You can try sensual dancing or have a hot bath together. You can strip for him or make him do a dirty dance for you. Light a few aroma candles, bring flowers and drink wine. Celebrate your togetherness and heat up things in bed. Give each other oil massages, or you could simply spoon and sleep. Do whatever the situation allows you according to your moods.

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#6. Capture The Memories

You will be together for the whole day and you will surely make a lot of memories. Capture all the memories in a camera so that you can cherish those moments later in life. All the kitchen mess and the games you played should be a part of your scrapbook. You can make a scrapbook and add those pictures to it. You can have a photoshoot with your personal photographer. All the pictures won’t be beautiful because you are not professionals but a few stupid pictures will make you laugh for a long time.

#7. Talk To Each Other

Take out some from the day to talk to your boyfriend. You can have some serious talks about your relationship or work. You can talk about your future with each other. Ask questions that have been on your mind for a long time and you never found the right opportunity to ask. Clear all your doubts or anything that bothers you. Tell them how much you love them and what you miss in your relationship. If there is something, you expect from your partner then inform them about it. Try to know what has been happening in his life, and his plans for future ahead. It is important to know each other. The more you know the more compatible you become with each other.

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