How to Deal with a Dominating Girlfriend?

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How to Deal with a Dominating Girlfriend?

Do you think that you have a dominating girlfriend? Is she always deciding what you wear and where do you eat? Is she the one to tell you what’s right and wrong? Is she one of those dominant girlfriends who tell you to stay away from your friends because she doesn’t like them? If yes, then OH BOY we feel sorry for you.

Do you remember the first time you met her, maybe at a bar sitting alone? She was all beautiful, confident and ready to catch up a conversation with you. You shared a great talk and all went smooth and you ended up in a relationship with her. At first, all seemed perfect- well-settled career, good looks, great communication. But then you realized that it was too good to be real? We totally feel you, and here’s how we’d like to help you.

How To Deal With A Dominating Girlfriend?

Living with a controlling or dominating partner can be extremely frustrating especially when you are in love with that person and chances of moving out of the relationship is zero percent. A dominating girlfriend is so mostly because either they like to control your life or because they are insecure about losing you.

Whatever be the reason, this dominating behavior can often turn abusive and troublesome in the long run. Relationships that are based on domination may last a lifetime, but they fail to mature into true love and romance.

#1. Compromise But To What Degree?

The early stages of any relationship are very crucial as they define what your bond is all about. Because this stage plays such an important role in your relationship, it is the perfect time to set some boundaries that neither of you will want to transgress. This is one of the best ways to deal with a dominating girlfriend. Every relationship demands compromise on either side, if you are ready to give your share, she should be too. If you make a compromise to make her happy, she should be ready for it too, the next time. Don’t force her to give ground very early because by doing so you once again make it easier for her to play at the front foot in the relationship.

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#2. You Take The Lead This Time

Most of the times, a dominating girlfriend will be overly critical of your mistakes, and they’ll tend to be very vocal when you perform a particular activity in a manner she disapproves of. You can always try to limit this by discussing things with her in advance. If you've discussed things well in advance, you’ll have a solid foundation to put forward your point because she knew what was about to happen. You cannot be the only one to be blamed.

By asserting yourself, you can make sure that she doesn't completely take over and that’s how you’ll be able to control your dominating girlfriend.

#3. It’s My Turn Sweety!

The problem with dominant girlfriends is that they like things to work their way. The problem with guys who are with dominant girlfriends is that they end up letting them rule the reins. They believe that it’s easier to let them take the decisions and avoid the arguments. But you should not let situations creep on you by making sure that both of you take turns while taking decisions. If she picked up the restaurant for your last dinner date, it is your turn to take the call this time. Be the one to decide where to eat, what to wear and what to eat. It is a great way to remind her that you both are equally a part of the relationship and she needs to acknowledge your choices. Don’t force your choices on her just to prove that you can do it too. Plan something that both of you will enjoy.

#4. Ask For A Break

The key to gain your position in a relationship when dealing with a dominating girlfriend is by suggesting a break in your relationship. If she is genuinely involved with you, she’ll ask for reasons and will surely try to give you space and share in the relationship and will treat you better. That is actually one way of training her into being the girlfriend that she should be. You need to make her realize that if she keeps being the dominating girlfriend that she is; you might have to walk away from the relationship. At times, this fear of loss works wonder for your relationship. She needs to know that you do have a choice of stepping back and leaving the relationship.

There are a lot of people who find themselves in relationships with dominant girls, and yet they let their girls take the lead. This only runs the relationship by making you a passive partner. If you do not want to end up as the weaker partner in the relationship, it is important that you do not let your dominating girlfriend rule your life.

It is so because once you find yourself in the weaker position it's almost impossible to fix things without some level of intense confrontation. After all, nobody will want to give up their control if they have any. She’ll start dominating you as soon as you give her the reins. All you need to do is to divide your responsibilities in the relationship. You can take control over a few aspects and she can take over the other things.

Still, if you find yourself in a situation with no escape, push the restart button and leave before you end up looking in the mirror and wondering how life got sucked out of you.

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#5. Ignorance May Be A Bliss For You

Dominant girlfriends do have some weak points. One of them is not giving them attention. Your dominating girlfriend is able to control you because you let her do it, but once you start ignoring her instructions, she’ll know that you are not here to get tamed. She might get curious but eventually will understand that she cannot order you every time.

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#6. Make Her Feel Insecure

A dominating girlfriend will be completely devastated when she gets to know that you may give your relationship a second thought. You know that you love her dearly and will never plan to leave her, but she isn’t aware of it, right? Take advantage and make her feel insecure. Talk to her about some girl that you recently met, who was pretty and smart and you really liked her. Tell her that she was so understanding that she let you choose the place and the food to order or a lady coworker who always asks for your help because she finds you smart.

These tricks work most of the times. Your dominating girlfriend might like to stack her food in a particular way, or she might always expect you to drive, or maybe she doesn’t want you to hang out with your friends, it isn’t completely her fault. It comes naturally to her, maybe because she has had a different upbringing or maybe she likes to have everything under control. You know she is dear to you and hence you need to save your relationship.

Use the techniques mentioned above to make her realize her shortcomings, and we are sure your ship will sail till the sea lasts.

Do you have a dominating girlfriend? How do you deal with her? Let us know in the comment section below. We would love to know your thoughts.

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