How to be Sensual Without being Sexual?

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How to be Sensual Without being Sexual?

Most of the people confuse being sensual with being sexual without realizing the fact that being sensual can be free of the sexual undertones. You can be completely sensual without it having anything to do with sexually driven actions. While actions with sexual undertones are really crucial for romantic relationships, there are times when you will want to be casually in each other’s arms and also have those moments where you go all sensual but not sexual.

Too much of any kind of actions can prove to be boring and can bring boredom in a relationship. That is the reason why you will need to make it a point to make sure that you add a dash of sensuality, casual yet fun and also go sexual once in a while. Expressing love does not need always to be sexually done, there are many creative tricks of doing that and these work as effectively as the sexual advances. What is important to understand is the idea that you are making an effort to express your love and all that you choose to do are genuine expressions of love. Both, being sexual and sensual are the tricks of expressing love, the way they are done are absolutely different. Being sexual will always require you to be physically present with your partner. On the other hand, it is possible to be sensual and connect with your partner without physical contact.

If you seek to infuse sensuality in your relationship and wish to figure out how you can be sensual without being sexual, here are certain tips that can help you. You will not only learn to be sensual without being sexual; you will also see how fresh it feels to be doing new things in order to keep the fondness alive in the relationship.

How To Be Sensual Without Being Sexual?

#1. Look Into The Eyes Each Time You Interact

Looking into the eyes is a very sensual act. It creates an instant connection between the two of you and makes it possible for both of you to feel the love and affection towards each other. Looking into the eyes while talking is all about making sure that you are letting the other person know that they are important and valued. When you are having a discussion and looking in different directions, you are doing so because you are not interested in the person completely or maybe the discussion is just trivial for you. It may form an impression on the other person that you are a little too distracted. Making the other person feel that they are valued leads to a certain kind of depth in the relationship and reflects your genuine love for the other person. When you choose to look into the eyes of the person and have the conversation, it reflects that you are in your comfort zone. You are confident and have all of your heart for the other person. This makes you appear very sensual. If you do not look into the eyes of the person, it will only mean that you are too shy around them and that leads to the feeling of hesitation in the connection.

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#2. Writing Your Feelings Down

When you do something that is different from the usual ways of expressing love to your partner, it sure is really sensual. Writing down the way you feel about your partner can be so touching that one cannot really imagine how amazing an impact it can have on your partner and the relationship. When you write your feelings, it makes the other person feel special. There is the possibility of creating memories and the ability to express yourself beyond any boundaries. You need to understand the fact that when you choose to do something different, it sure creates a really different memory for your beloved and makes you appear sensual. You deeply feel and remember all the moments which are different, unique and hard-hitting. Writing your feelings for your partner is really very sensual and you do not need to be any bit of sexual for that.

#3. Being Honest Beyond Measures

When you are able to tell the truth to your partner, tell all of the things that you are afraid to share and that you think will threat your relationship, you are creating a connection that is deep and real. All real conversations have this dash of intimacy attached to them which is very sensual in itself and is more powerful that any sexual advances. What you will need to know is the fact that being honest is the most crucial thing that brings people close and when you tend to do that at all times, it becomes a very sensual act for the other partner. It is a reflection of the desire to make the other person a part of your life.

#4.Casually Tickling Each Other

Causally tickling your partner can be a very sensual act. The feeling makes you have jitters in your stomach. It is like having your partner show both, affection and mischievous side both at the same time. This is very sensuous and has the potential to strike a connection between two people without being sexual with each other. Creating this kind of a connection can prove to be very fulfilling in the initial stages of the relationship and can also prove to be a great way of infusing fun into your long lasting relationships.

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#5. Please Hold Hands

Holding hands is just so underrated that we do not realize the importance of being able to keep the connection alive by incorporating these kinds of gestures. Holding hands is all about the missing link in case you both have become too comfortable and the relationship seems boring. You will come across as really sensual if you keep holding hands with your partner once in a while. This will also keep the spark alive in your relationship, no matter at what stage you are.

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Do you think this article will help you to be sensual without being sexual? Do you have more tips to share with us? We would love to know your thoughts and experiences, so please share them with us in the comment box below.

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