How to Maintain an Eye Contact during a Conversation?

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How to Maintain an Eye Contact during a Conversation?

Eye contact is very important as it shows confidence, and respect for the person you are talking to. Imagine giving someone a cold shoulder? Wicked, right? In confabulations, we must face each other to get the conversation going. If we do not maintain an eye contact while talking to people, we might offend them inadvertently. At times things are a-okay, but expecting them to be normal at all times is stupidity. No eye contact means no confidence, no bond, no respect. Shooting the breeze with people around you without eye contact is pointless.

They say the first impression is the last impression, the imprints you leave on the minds of people last forever. They don't go away, and it's up to what message you want to send to people. People do not talk face to face if they happen to be strangers. But if you know a person, you have treated him or her with the utmost respect. What you do is what you get - it is quid pro quo. People reciprocate on the same terms and levels. Eye contact during a conversation gives you an edge and gives veracity to your words and statements.

Why Make Eye Contact During A Conversation?

We live in a free world, and no one can coerce us into doing anything. However, we must present ourselves in a determined manner. Eyes say what words fail to articulate. People give tongue to their expressions, and without eye contact, the conversations are worthless. Eye contact during a conversation is necessary for it helps you to know the person in and out. Given below are the reasons why eye contact is imperative during confabulations:

#1. For Showing Interest 

To make people feel at home, you need to connect with them through words, but that would not suffice. If you fail to have eye contact with people you are around, they will assume you are disinterested, and this might damage your reputation. You need not look in someone's eye for long, but you can at least face them while talking to them.

#2. For Showing Respect

Fancy someone sitting with you for coffee but talking to you looking down at the plate of muffins? This is really disturbing and causes acrimony. Also, people might assume that you are being arrogant or maybe coy. There are different interpretations of every act, and similarly, coversing without eye contact is utterly a sign of disrespect.

To show respect to the people, and to make people realize their value, we make eye contact during the conversation. Eye contact during conversation attracts people towards you.

#3. To Make People Understand

When we do not feel like speaking, we resort to body movements and actions which can do justice to our feelings. If you are able to comprehend the eye signals in a conversation, you are sure to land up in the good books of people. Your eyes can tell the next person about your thinking. You can say a lot without speaking much. That's the beauty of eyes which weaves its own magic.

#4. To Appreciate Someone

Eyes are one of those five senses which help us view the world, not only can we look at the entire colors of the Mother Nature, people can also express their praise through eyes. People get the picture easily. The elderly express their wrath through fiery expressions of eyes whereas the mother also conveys her love and affection through a smiling face and beaming eyes.

Eye contacts are very significant; the adage that goes like "silence is golden" is completely true and quite appropriate when we talk of exhibiting our feelings and emotions. It works wonders. People can talk their ears off for hours on end without getting to the gist in vain, whereas the eye expression can instantly relax you and provide comfort and emotional support.

#5. To Have A Deeper Look

When we look into eyes of someone during a conversation, we give them support and to have a better understanding of the person with whom you are chewing the fat. You get to know with your sense the mood and confidence of the person. The eyes say it all.

This is because of the mirror neurons and the cells which make us feel like we are doing for ourselves. 

#6. To Feel Empathetic 

In order to empathize with other's situations, stress, and problems, we have to look them into their eyes so that it can lend them assurance and hope in adverse times. Restlessness, uneasiness, lethargy, alertness - all and sundry in the whole kit and kaboodle of wonderful sense we call eyes.

People need the support of family and friends and eye contacts with friends can amaze you, cheer you up, dial your sadness down and lend a support in times of need and grief.

#7. To Build Trust

Trust is the foundation of every relationship, and when you avoid eye contact, you insult the person and show that you do not rely on him or her, leave alone trust them. Practising eye contact is very vital as it helps in instilling faith in people and make them feel secure and congenial.

When you are gabbing with someone, you are asking him to trust you and your intentions without saying it clearly in the open. People often attain happiness and a successful role in life due to strong eye contact.

#8. To Acknowledge Presence

Involvement is the key to a good conversation. If you happen to be aloof, isolated, lost in your own world and thoughts, you are clearly telling the person that you do not like him or her. In order to make people realize their worth, their presence must be acknowledged, they should be appreciated for what they say and do.

Once you start giving importance to people, you automatically make an eye contact giving the audience or your friends and family a ticket to something in which they feel involved and present.

Making Eye Contact In A Conversation

It is vital to use the gift of god which serves as a level of communication, and help us observe the vistas of life without any partiality. It is very important to make eye contact to make the conversation effective. Talking to your boss without eye contact maintaining can lead to serious ramifications.

Also, when you are at interview, you sit straight, converse while making eye contact, exuding good vibrations and expect good results. Eye contact helps you establish relationships and they speak volumes about our nature, disposition and temperament. You can reveal both positive and negative opinions using your body language but eyes top the list. People are attracted towards you when your body language is positive and holds some substance.

#1. Be Positive

Do not let negativity surround you. Be an optimist and work with your head high be it any situatioon, good or bad. When you let negative thoughts enter your life, you lose concentration and focus, you turn into a negative soul. Do not expect something bad, and face people, making an eye contact will help you attract many people and they will appreciate your charm.

#2. Avoid Looking Around

When you try to shun people during conversation, you often look at the floor or the furniture around you. Pray, do not. It is dowright rude and uncouth. It reeks of bad manners and etiquettes. It upsets people and their applecart and their trolley of words and sentences take a backseat.

#3. Practice Eye Contact

Some people are extremely shy and reticent, they need to learn things and express themselves in public. They need time and need to brush up their skills to improve themselves and put up a confident front, failing which can lead to decline in confidence and self-esteem.

No one is same and human beings take time to learn, if you are not confident, you must try and begin from family and close friends, so that you can shed your inhibitions and face people with grit and tension- free.

#4. Be Intrepid

While doing any task, be it talking, eye contact, particapting in a debate or whatever, be fearless, do not reserve fear in any corner of your mind. Phobia of anything is harmful and it doesn't let us taste the success. Making an eye contact during conversations with no fear at all can make you bold, help you take decisions and help understand people in a broader manner.

#5. Avoid Distractions

Attending phone calls and messages during conversations distract you from conversations which leave a very bad impact. Make sure you make eye contact while talking to people and do not answer your calls. Social media has made people hooked to it by all measures. one cannot seem to come out of its grip. Brace yourself up to ignore any disturbance which might affect your position before people. 

#6. Sign For New Friendship

Eye contact help in forming new bonds and friendship. They are an effective medium to give signals to people you want to be friends without you want to form associations. Friendships can start from eye contact but can also end by negative eye contacts. Please be careful while making eye contact in a conversation. 

Have any views on how to make eye contact in a conversation? Please share your views in the comments. 

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