How to Hug a Guy?

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How to Hug a Guy?

Have you been waiting for the best hug of your life? Has the day come when you will hug the man you love? Is it going to be the first romantic hug of your life? If it is the first hug then you must be worried. You do not want to embarrass yourself in front of the guy you want to attract. And so you want to learn how to hug a guy. You want to show the person that you like them but you do not want to look desperate. How to hug a guy that it does not look desperate? How to hug your boyfriend to attract him towards you?

Research shows that hugs have physiological and mental benefits. Hugs build trust and a sense of safety. When a person hugs another, the body releases oxytocin which makes a person happy and content. Oxytocin, produced in the hypothalamus, is often called “the bonding hormone” because it promotes attachment in relationships. Oxytocin improves immune functions and pain tolerance. Are you in pain? Hug your friends, parents and significant other to get rid of the pain. The hug is your medicine. A long hug can increase the level of serotonin which can elevate the mood and the spirit of the person. Hugs also strengthen the immune system.

 A study conducted by Carnegie Mellon University, in 2015, over 404 healthy adults showed the effects of hugs on the participant’s vulnerability to develop cold after being exposed to the virus. People with high social support were less likely to develop cold. Sheldon Cohen, a professor of psychology at Carnegie Mellon University in Pennsylvania said, “Hugging protects people who are under stress from the increased risk for colds usually associated with stress”. Hugging “is a marker of intimacy and helps generate the feeling that others are there to help in the face of adversity”.There is not just one kind of hug. Hugs depend on different people and the relationship you share with them. A hug that you give to your sibling cannot be given to the person you are romantically involved with. There is the “guy best friend hug”,

“The friend zone hug” for the friend zone guy, “the crush hug”so that you can show them you like them, “the boyfriend hug” to express your love to him, “the husband hug” to show faith in your husband and “the stranger hug” for the person you meet for the first time. All these hugs will be different from each other because the purpose will be different. So, how to hug a guy who is a friend? How to hug your boyfriend?

#1. Prepare For The Hug

You need to prepare for the hug. Build up the momentum for the hug. Look in the eyes of the person you want to hug. When you look in their eyes they will look back in yours. The person will get the hint that something might happen. Look at the person and smile. Open your arms so that the person knows that you want to receive or you will give them a hug. They will be prepared for the hug. If you find it awkward to open your arms or go for a hug directly then you can also begin with gentle touches on their arms. Let your hand brush against his a few times or hold his hand, look into his eyes and just hug him.

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#2. Start With A Small Hug

You want intimate and emotional hugs and for that, you will have to keep the tension between you both get higher. Do not go for long hugs right away. Let them be small and short. The person you like will long for longer hugs but if you stay for longer then the intensity of the hug will not be how you imagined it to be. It will take time to reach those long deep embraces but once it does, you will never forget them. Be quick but not too quick. Let him feel you and when starts finding solace in your arms then end the hug.

#3. Wrap Your Arms Around Him

If you want to show affection to your boyfriend and if you want a romantic hug then put your hands around his neck. Maintain eye contact the whole time and take your hands around his neck slowly. Embrace him passionately and let the hug do its magic. If you are feeling very romantic then you can also wrap one of your hand behind his back. Tousle his hair with your fingers to be even more romantic. There is another way to hug your boyfriend romantically. You could place one arm on his upper chest and the other wrapping around his waist. Hug him in whichever way you feel comfortable.

#4. Set A Duration For The Hug

The time you take to hug a person is very important to think about because the duration will let the other person know about your feelings. The longer and tighter the hug will be the other person will think you are romantically inclined towards them. But if the hug is short and small then the person will know that it is a friendly hug. It depends on you what you want the other person to think and accordingly you can hug them.

#5. Pay Attention To The Body Language

You want to hug someone but do they want to hug you too? You should pay attention to their body language before you go for the hug, during the hug, and after the hug. If they lean towards you or if they look into your eyes like you do then they may be ready for a hug. If there is a lot of space between you two then it might be a sign that the person is not interested. Your boyfriend or your date may not be in the mood to hug and if you still go ahead to hug them then it will not be a great hug. Therefore, try to know what the other person may be feeling at the moment.

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#6. Try To Analyse What You Feel

When you hug a person it is not necessary that it will be as amazing as you imagined. You may not like the hug at all. And it is absolutely fine to not like a hug. Sometimes, the vibes do not match with the person so do not feel bad about it. If the hug did not make you happy then it does not mean that you are not a good hugger. It simply means that there is a lack of chemistry.

#7. Ease Out Gradually

When you are done hugging the person ease out slowly. Do not step back immediately. Move your hands from the position they were rested and the person will know that you want to step back. Put your hands on his shoulder or his chest. Look into his eyes and smile. The person will loosen their grip and you are ready to go. If your boyfriend pulls you back then you can hug him back if you want and if you still wish to end the hug then do not hold him tightly after he pulls you back. Ease out maintaining the mood.

Do you feel this article will help you to hug your guy in a better way? We would love to know your thoughts and comments, so please share them with us in the comment box below.

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