How to Tell if He Likes you As A Friend only?

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How to Tell if He Likes you As A Friend only?

We all have heard that love is friendship. All love stories start with friendship, but what if the guy just wants to be friends? What if he doesn’t want to take it to another level? Can you make him like you more than a friend? Or will you stay just friends because he wants it that way?

When you become one of the girls in his eyes, just know that you have been friend zoned. Sliding into the “just friends” zone is the most difficult for those who are in love with their “just friends” friend.

How To Tell If He Likes You As A Friend Only?

There’s nothing worse than unrequited love, or maybe there is. The feeling of liking someone and not getting that love back is the worst. Being “just friends” with someone you are madly in love with shatters your heart completely, leaving you with nothing but disappointments.

It’s the most horrible feeling and here’s how you can know if the guy you love just likes you as a friend.

#1. You Are The One To Initiate Every Plan

When the guy you are into likes you as a friend only, you’ll find yourself to be the one taking all the initiatives, making all the plans to spend time together. And all the moments of verbal intimacy and laughter is probably only affecting you. If he looks at you just as a friend, chances are that he might not be that eager to see you as you are.

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#2. He Always Brings Someone Along

When you plan a day out with the guy you like, you expect it to be a private affair. That time is supposed to be for just the two of you, but he always brings up someone. Because he just wants to be friends with you, he doesn’t want it to look like a date, but just some friends hanging out together.

#3. He Calls You “Bro” Or “Buddy”

If a guy you like just wants to be friends with you, he will make sure of giving you a particular call out name which is absolutely non-feminine. He might call you from your last name, or maybe even call you his “bro” or “buddy.” Such names are a clear indication of him not viewing you as a sexual partner.

#4. He Discusses His Crushes With You

This is as painful as it sounds. Like, imagine your crush talking to you about his crush which is not you. Won’t your ears bleed? It is heart-shattering because it takes everything from you to not cry in front of him. You have to swallow down the tears because he just wants to be friends with you.

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#5. He Wants To Be Your Match Maker

This guy whom you have been drooling over has no idea that you are into him, and hence that dumbass tries to fix you up with other guys. Or maybe he isn’t a dummy and knows that you dig him and therefore to take off the guilt on his shoulders, he plays cupid for you. He’ll try to fix you a date with any guy you show a little interest in. Poor You!

#6. Only Pajamas, And No Hot Pants?

He treats you like any other girlfriends of his and is totally fine with you sleeping over at his place. You try as hard as possible to look sexy, drop a shoulder, or wear that deep neck tank top, he doesn’t give a damn. He won’t even lay a finger on your sexy body.

#7. Are You Drunk?

If a guy is really into you, trust us, he’ll find ways to touch you in a playful, flirtatious yet comforting manner. But if he just likes you as a friend, he’ll go all grabby on you only when he’s drunk and he needs someone to control his trembling mind and body. To make it sound worse, he may even end up talking about his breakups and how badly he misses his ex after drinking.

#8. We're Friends... Right?

And whenever he feels that he might have crossed the line or finds you caught up in the moment, he’ll clear by asking that both of you are just good friends and nothing else. This line is very frustrating for someone who is deeply in love with a guy who shows no interest in and instead keeps reminding her of the Friend Zone.

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#9. Is He Already Dating Someone?

Despite all that you two have shared, he may end up falling in love with someone else. Isn’t that heartbreaking? It surely is. Because he just likes you as a friend, he might check your friends out and gods forbid if he asks you to fix them together?

#10. He Confides In You

Friends are the ones you look up to when they find themselves stuck in something and you could be that friend to your crush. He might confide in you after having a rough day because he sees a true friend in you, and not a love partner. Do not make the mistake of taking these as hints of him liking you the way you do, that would be absolutely crazy and futile.

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#11. He Never Prioritizes You

When the guy just likes you as a friend, he’d never prioritize you until he needs you. He’ll try to postpone your plans or tell you that he is busy too often. He treats you as a friend and doesn’t wish to give you any more importance than his other friends.

You take out time for him between hanging out with your other friends, seeing your family, working, enjoying your hobbies and staying healthy but this guy is always busy which clearly states that you are not on his priority list.

#12. He Never Compliments Rather Keeps Complaining

When you like someone, you intentionally or naturally make extra efforts to impress your crush or the guy you are in love with. You may have dressed differently, or have done your hair differently or maybe you just tried a new fragrance. This guy will never acknowledge the change and compliment you; he’d rather be very ignorant about it. Moreover, he might turn very critical and start complaining about your behavior if he finds anything different from usual.

Being friend zoned by someone you are mad in love with because it is worse than a nightmare and the bad news is it isn’t a dream, you are wide awake and it is absolutely REAL.

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Enough of bad news, the good part is that you can always try to him into falling for you. Just do your little tricks and make him fall heads over heels in love with you. Also, please share your thoughts and comments with us in the comment box below. We look forward to your replies.

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