How to Get Revenge on your Ex?

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How to Get Revenge on your Ex?

Did you recently break up with your partner? Was your ex of the kind that he or she first filled your life with romance and then left you all alone? Yes, most of us go through a heartbreak. If you were broken into pieces and were betrayed by your partner, taking revenge is completely justified in this case. Don’t look back to the memories you have had and remember they treated you like a waste and you need to get the revenge on your ex. They did something nasty to you and behaved like a complete jerk. When it comes to self-respect and power, look no further. Here are some tips that can help you to get revenge on your ex:

#1. Get A Rebound Date

Rebound dates are extremely fun as you and your date both does not expect anything serious out of that relationship. Make sure this is clear to you and your rebound date that you are just keeping it casual. Your ex will burn with jealousy when he or she will get to know about you rebound date.

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#2. Date One Of Your Ex’s Friends

This can become a little tricky; however, this is the best revenge you can get. You certainly have the potential to break their friendship, like forever. But if you are okay with this and so is their friend, then go for it. It will turn your ex into a jealous ball of fire.

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#3. Go On A Vacation Or An Adventurous Trip

Your priority is moving on from them, therefore pack your bags and go on a vacation which is adventurous and fun. When your ex will get to know about it, they will go crazy as you took such a step just after breaking up with them.

#4. Pamper Yourself And Do Something Nice For Yourself

Go to gym, shopping or anything that makes you happy and content about yourself. Rather than crying and going crazy about the breakup, make them crazy instead by taking full care of yourself and pampering yourself with the best. The happiness you will receive after pampering yourself will be priceless and make your ex go nuts.

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#5. Hire A Stripper Or Go To Strip Clubs

In order to have fun and to move on as well, hire a stripper at your place so that you can have some entertainment in your life. The last thing an ex would want to know would be that their ex partner is getting close to some other person. However, this is what you need to make them feel in order to get a kickass revenge.

#6. Paste Stickers On His Or Her Car Or Home

This literally is the most brutal and public revenge that one could possibly think of. Past stickers on the windows of his or her car saying everything that has the potential to annoy them. Make their car look like a dustbin literally and metaphorically with words.

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#7. Spoil Their Next Dates

If he or she is on another date with someone else, make sure you spoil it if you want to get revenge. If they are having an ideal date in a nice restaurant, ask at the reception to deliver them a message which can make their first date the last date ever.

#8. Dump His Or Her Stuff In Front Of Them

If you have stuff that they gifted you or left behind because they were always leaving things in your apartment, make sure you dump them in front of their home. Or else for a sweeter revenge, make sure you burn that stuff in front of them.

#9. Hang Out With Your Friends

If you have had a common group make sure you are seen with them more often than they do. Also, if you really want to be happy and make them jealous, hang out with your friends as well who are there for you no matter what and they will be very pissed.

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#10. Post Statuses That Will Tick Them Off

Make sure you don’t block them on any social media network as they need to know how happy you are. Post some statuses that can burn them from inside as all they can do is look at them and feel helpless. This will be enough to dig them in.

#11. Hack Their Social Media Accounts

When you were a couple, you must be having an idea what their passwords can be like. Therefore, try hacking their accounts. Once you are in, have fun with it. You can either try posting something sneaky or subtle or make it loud and proud. Make them suffer for what they did.

#12. Flood Your Social Media With Your Amazing Life

If you want to have some fun and make them jealous, flood your social media handles with amazing and sexy pictures of yours. You should broadcast your amazing self seven days a week and probably five to ten times a day. They should know what they just lost.

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#13. Visit Their Usual Hangout Spots For Your Next Dates

If you simply fight with them because of what happened, it will make you appear like a wreck that you don’t want to happen. Instead, visit his or her usual place to hang out with your own friends. When they will see you having fun, that will feel definitely burn out of jealousy and frustration.

#14. Cultivate A Hot Breakup Body

One of the best revenge is just making yourself so better that they beg to be with you again. Follow this great trend and get a hot breakup body for yourself. Make such a hot body that can remind them that they feel bad about losing you.

#15. Do Things That You Always Wanted To Do And They Restricted You To Do

Before getting into the ugly part of revenge, remind yourself that you need to do whatever you loved first of all and then think about them. Do whatever you always wanted to do and especially the things that they asked you to never do like wearing something that they objected or trying some adventurous sport.

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#16. Let The World Know That They Suck

Maybe it is childish and a waste of time as well, but if you have in order to get revenge on them, make sure you realize that you have been wronged. Let the world know how pathetic a person is he or she. A board at the signal or their home would probably work.

#17. Do What They Loved Doing With You, But Without Them

There must be a lot of things that you both must have enjoyed doing together. Don’t stop doing those things. In fact, continue them without even your ex-partner. The fact that you still enjoy doing those things and that too alone will make them feel jealous.

#18. Live Well And Let Them Know

Alright, you have done enough damage to them, now it is the time to actually enjoy your life. It is very important for you to know that your happiness should be the priority for you. Live well and let them know that you are happy without them. It will make them feel super jealous.

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#19. Moving On Is The Best Revenge

Last, however certainly not the least is to move on from that person completely. This is the ultimate revenge. Once the damage is done to them, make sure you don't even look back to them. Move on and start working on your life.

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