What Not to do After having Sex?

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What Not to do After having Sex?

Sex is an act of pleasure, romance and erotic experience blended in one. There are plenty of assumptions and claims about the things you should do before or during having sex. However, there is very less information about what one should not do after having sex.

A little information about what one should not do after having sex is always helpful. It can help people to avoid making mistakes that spoil the soothing feeling after sex and becomes a cause of tussle between couples. We managed to do some digging and here it is. These are some of the things you should strictly avoid doing after having sex.

#1. Fall Asleep Immediately After Having Sex

A lot of people, both men and women have the tendency to sleep right after having sex. This urge is mainly because of the lack of energy that is common after having sex. However, you need to make sure that if your partner needs you emotionally or physically after having sex. Provide them with your support and be with them for some time and then sleep together.

#2. Turn On The Television

In order to be mindfully present in the act of sex, you need to keep the diversions away from yourself. Turning on television is the biggest diversion that takes away the afterglow of sex. You are making your partner feel vulnerable and rejected if you are tuning on television right after having sex. It will make them feel unimportant if your concentration is on TV rather than on them.

#3. Use Your Phone

Alright, before we even get into this and talk about this point, it is certain that you will, of course, feel rejected and unimportant if your partner is on their phone right after getting out of the bed. Keep yourself in their shoe and think how your partner will feel if you will give your phone more attention than your partner.

#4. Put The Sex Toys Away Without Even Cleaning Them

If you are using sex toys to make your sexual experience more erotic and wild, make sure you clean them before you keep them back to their place. They should be cleaned before and after the intercourse. Sex toys tend to have enough bacteria to make you infected if you use them again without cleaning them. Therefore, toys should be cleaned specifically after the play is over.

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#5. Give Him Or Her A Wet Spot

Sex tends to make you wet and wild, indeed. This is very common phenomena that sex will leave you and your partner wet in bed. However, after having sex, make sure you are taking care of your partner’s hygiene and comfort. Thus, give them enough time to clean themselves and come back in comfortable clothes if they want to change as well. Consider their comfort as a priority.

#6. Have A Shower Immediately after Sex

Sex can become goofy, sweaty and wet. Therefore, taking a shower right after having sex is a big NO. Once you have sex, you tend to open the pores of your private parts which have the potential to get infected if you are having a hot tub bath or shower after having sex. Washing up yourself after sex is a good habit but take a little time before you do that.

#7. Be Very Critical Of The Experience

Sex is an epitome of pleasure. Therefore, don’t be very critically about sex and especially your partner. Also, when you are naked you tend to grow a lot of insecurities about yourself and if your partner is being critical of your body or your performance, you will become even more vulnerable. 

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#8. Deliver The Information Your Partner Should Have Known Earlier

If you specifically have some disease or sort of infection, do tell your partner before sex. It is the right of your partner to know about any physical problem that you have as they are letting you being so close to their body. If there is anything that affects you or has the potential to affect them as well, let them know before having sex and not after it. They should be well informed about you.

#9. Ask Your Partner To Leave

There can be many reasons that can make you not host a sleepover for your partner. However, there are many other ways to let them know about it rather than directly asking them to leave. They will feel dejected and annoyed and that will probably be the last thing you would want. 

#10. Be Physically Distant From Your Partner

Sex is something which heavily promotes the relationship and celebrates the bond between two people. Therefore, in a flood of emotions, if you are keeping a physical distance from your partner, that will probably the worst thing you could do to them. Some time ago you were all into them and now you are not even touching them, it can confuse them and certainly irritate them.

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#11. Smoking, A Big NO

Smoking is anyway bad at any time. However, having a puff after sex is the most stupid idea that you can have. Literally, think about it. Ending a beautiful evening with a cigarette and then calling it a sexy night? Clearly, No! Moreover, having a dog breath is not something you would like to have right after having the most erotic experience.

#12. Forget To Pee

When you have sex then there are many chances of your urine meeting sperm, that has the capability to become a bacteria and meet your bladder resulting in a bladder infection. Therefore, take out time to empty your bladder first before an hour after you have sex. After peeing, clean your parts in order to avoid the spreading of the bacteria.

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#13. Leather Up Your Private Parts

Some people, or actually most of the people have the tendency to wash after having sex, which is fine. But, if you aspire to become a model shooting for an advertisement, save that for later as if you will use soap for washing up, your skin can react with the soap. No matter how nicely you do it, if you get vaginal dryness or irritation, there is no looking back. This applies to both men and women.

#14. Sleep In The Sexy Lingerie

Alright, this is especially for most women who love wearing sexy lingerie while having sex, which is hot. However, keep it for sex only and change into comfortable clothes for sleeping or cuddling. If your lingeries are made of cotton, that will also work. But, sleeping wearing rayon, polyester or nylon lingerie is not a good idea as they are not breathable.

#15. Swipe Your Private Parts With Flushable Wipes

Many people have very sensitive skin especially for the private parts and this is just not for women, it goes for men as well. If your skin is allergic to alcohol, scents, glycerin or any kind of oil, then you should avoid the flushable wipes to wash or clean up. The best you should use is clean water in order to have a safe wash up after having sex rather than any using wipes.

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This was our guide to help you know what not to do after having sex. Do you have some more tips to share with us? Share them with us in the comment box below. We look forward to your replies. 

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