How to have Mindful Sex?

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How to have Mindful Sex?

It is always possible to have a better sexual experience. All you need to do is play it mindfully. The most erotic experience is possible through mindful sex. In order to not lack the awareness about your sensations and emotions, having mindful sex is essential.

One should try to become mindful in order to improve one's sexual experience as nothing is better than having a mindful sex with your partner. The electric shivers of the erotic europium which sizzles through your naked bodies are intensified when you have mindful sex. Let us consider a few tips to look into how to have mindful sex.

Tips To How To Have Mindful Sex

#1. Breathe Deeply And Consciously

Your breath is enough to tell you everything which is going in your body. Follow the sequence of your breathe while having sex. In fact, the advisable thing will be to follow the breath of your partner as well. This is a very simple practice. However, it can make a lot of difference in your sex life. It is possible to feel the warmth of the body of your partner by following the breath of your partner. Notice the sensation of their breath and feel everything down to their neck to belly. This sensation can change all your experience in bed.  When you breathe down to your abdomen, you tend to collect energy and power for the sexual regions of your body. Breathe in the passion, connection, and love that you want from your partner and what you want to portray in yourself. By breathing in and out deeply, you release the tension and take in all the love and compassion. If you are with your partner, this activity becomes even more deep and romantic. It binds you both together. Breathing makes your sexual experience prolonged and intense.  

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#2. Meditate

Meditation can refresh you from within and is very helpful as far as the sexual union is concerned. Mindful meditation is capable of making your mind focus on the priority. One can always control one's subconscious mind through meditation. It engages the important parts of the brain to keep it on one track. Before getting intimate with your partner, you need to clear out all the cobwebs. Open your heart, mind, and spirit to mindful meditation practices. It will tap into your sexual energy and help you to have a mindful sex. 

#3. Be Aware And Present

Instead of worrying about the past or the future, be in the present and cherish the present moment. Obsessing over the other things will do nothing good but will certainly spoil the moment you are in. Offer all your attention to that present moment. Body awareness and presence are extremely important to have control of the muscles while having sex. Avoid being in your head and let your body take over your conscience for some time. This will also help in making your partner feel that you are in the moment and your whole attention is entirely on him or her. Also, stop worrying about the performance of your body. 

#4. Refocus Your Attention 

The key to bringing your focus back to the present time is to notice the things where your mind is wandering. Identify that distraction and refocus your mind on the moment you need to be in. Researchers believe that if you believe, you can change what your brain is thinking. Whenever your mind is going elsewhere, you need to keep believing in your partner and refocus your mind back on them. You are sometimes aren’t even aware when your mind is going around. However, attend that thinking and come back to the present.  One can also refocus his or her attention by doing some cognitive exercises which can help you to strike a perfect balance between your mind and body. This will also help you to cater your entire attention to your partner and have a mindful sex

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 #5. Increase Your Body Awareness 

One should be aware of his or her body and be confident about it. This is the first step towards body awareness. Be aware of the different parts of your body as they will play the most important part in the process coming up. Once you are aware of your body, you will enjoy every touch and sensation in your body. Feel good about your body as only then your partner will feel attracted towards you. In order to have a conscious and mindfulness sex, it is extremely important to feel your body to the core. As Lucas says “The more you can be aware of your whole body, the better sex is going to be”.  

#6. Spread Love  

Another most significant thing to practice is the habit to show and spread love in the air. You can always make some special arrangements for your partner before the final process. Decorate the set-up, gift something to your partner, wear his or her favorite clothes. This will make your partner feel loved. In order to have mindful sex, it is extremely important to feel loved and to love the other person wholly. The environment of love between two people intensify the process of sex, fills with great intentions, notices all the emotions and physical sensation also arises. The connection of love can make sex more like lovemaking.  

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#7. Limit Your Distractions

Try to keep as few distractions as possible when you are in your bed with your partner. Interruptions can spoil all the moment of love and intimacy. Since you have set the tone of mindfulness through meditation, you will need less effort in order to keep distractions away. Turn off the devices, don’t keep any deliveries for that time, put your phone to the voicemail mode and make yourself completely free for your partner. Having your mind in one place is essential to have mindful sex. A mindful person, while having sex will never have his or her mind anywhere apart from their partner. These days the electronic device like phones and laptops are always near somewhere peeking through your personal time. Therefore, to have most of your personal time, you need to get rid of your technofreak life for some time. It will enhance the connection and you both will feel more connected to your partner. 

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#8. Activate Your Orgasm

Mindfulness makes you aware of what exactly is happening in your body and mind. Therefore, divert all your mind to your partner and start activating your orgasm. You can certainly control your orgasms if you want to. Since it is possible to control them, it is equally possible to activate them at the time you want if you are doing it mindfully. Mindfulness helps you to pay attention to your orgasms and makes you better to respond to your lover. If you are not clear on what actually leads to a good orgasm for your partner then it is always better to talk to your partner about sex and know his or her expectations. 

#9. Invite All New Possibilities 

Remember one fact, vulnerability is hot. You don’t have to fear about anything when you are totally focused on having sex with your lover. Have the habit of being welcoming and receptive. Detaching yourself from fears will make your sex more smooth and comfortable. If you do not fear and become comfortable, your partner will automatically follow. Make yourself open to all new experiences. The union of mind, body, and soul will intensify your sexual experience. Explore each other’s fantasies and connect at a deeper dimension.  

#10. Focus on How You Feel 

Most of the people focus on how they look at the time of having sex. However, the more important thing is how you feel at that particular moment. Enjoying that time will come from how deeply connected you feel with your partner. The pleasure of having sex is certainly compromised when you are just concerned about how you look. Train yourself to mindfully feel what your bodies are experiencing rather than caring about the looks. You will miss what sensations your body feels at the time of intimacy.  

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#11. Do Not Judge Yourself Or Your Partner

You should let go expectations for once on earth. Nobody is perfect and you should give up the pressure of having the perfect body, to perform the best or to orgasm rightly. The only thing which will matter to you and your partner will be the precious time you spend together. If you are focusing on mindful sex, you will have to give up all the expectations and unplug yourself from all the shame. Get deep down into your sensation and connect with your body rather than the mind. Accept your partner as they are and also give up judgment on them.

Once mediation and mindfulness have set up the pace of being focused on just one thing. You will be all ready to do everything naturally and mindfully. The most important thing to do when you are having mindful sex is to stop thinking about orgasm. You need to be noncritical and non-judgemental for your sensations and orgasms. Focus on your partner and their preferences during the time of sex. It will eventually turn out to an extremely mindful sex.  

Do you feel this article will help you in having mindful sex with your partner? Do share your thoughts/opinions in the comment box below. We would love to know your experiences.

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