How to Talk Dirty to your Girl without Turning her Off?

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How to Talk Dirty to your Girl without Turning her Off?

Do you ever feel that just having sex without saying anything to each other has started to get boring? Most couples feel that way after a few years of regular sex too. So what do you do? Ever thought of talking dirty to your girl?

Talking dirty to your girl while in bed can do wonders for your sex. But that’s only if you know how to talk dirty to a girl the right way and not say the wrong things at the right times.

Calling your partner a “dirty whore” or a “f**kin’ bitch” is fun in the beginning but using them over and over again will start turning off your girl instead of getting her in the mood.

Talking Dirty To Your Girl?

Do you find yourself tongue-tied each time you have to do more than just breathe hard or grunt in bed while having sex with your girl?

Do you have any idea what does she want when she asks you to talk dirty to her?

If your answer is NO then, we are happy to help. Here’s all you need to know.

#1. Men Need Visuals; Women Are Good With Imagination

As a guy, watching porn or even visualizing something sexy can instantly turn you on, especially if that sexy thing is your girl.

But for a girl, sex is more imaginative and creative and it’s aroused by their senses which are beyond just a mere sight. So if you want to talk dirty to her, you need to do more than just dress up as a sexy doctor. You need to get her mind racing, get her transported to a place of sexual bliss just through your words. Be detailed and descriptive with your thoughts instead of just stating them. This one will surely make a huge difference while talking dirty to a girl.

#2. Be Prepared To Make A Lot Of Mistakes

For most men, while having sex, they are in a sexual frenzy, and their minds are preoccupied with extreme acts and preserve thoughts. Give yourself a minute to realize that your girl cannot read your thoughts.

So if you’re talking dirty to her in bed, don’t confuse or annoy her by faltering a few tangled lines now and then, and suppose that she can play along with your words. As per our experience goes, she won’t even know what you’re saying, and you’ll just end up annoying the both of you.

The best way to talk dirty with a girl is by running your hands through her hair and grabbing it gently behind her head. And as you move in and out of her, bring your lips close to her ears and whisper the words you want to.

It’s easy yet intimate, sexy and very arousing. Try biting her neck now and then in between all those dirty words you say. It will surely make her moan and groan, and make the sex more pleasurable.

#3. Your Dirty Shouldn’t Be Very Dirty

When you are having passionate sex, your mind is sure to run wild, and not try to rein your thoughts. If you do say something that is extreme or perverse, be prepared for scaring off your girl, with your wrong play of words.

Dirty talking works best when both of you have been in a relationship for a while and share a comfort level. And if you end up saying something bold, she may understand that you are just talking dirty but might also be wondering that how can having sex transform a perfectly normal guy into someone so naughty and DIRTY!!

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And once that thought enters her mind, she may even think that you’re a dirty pervert. Going for ‘out of character’ bold statements might make her consider you to be a total freak.

Never tell your love interest that you fantasize about having a threesome with her best friend (even if you want to). Unless your girl is mature enough to understand that it’s just sex talk, she’ll definitely assume that you are interested in her friend and will instantly feel insecure about the same.

It’s easy to get carried away in bed, especially when you’re talking dirty. But always take control and draw the line to play safe.

How To Talk Dirty To Your Girl Without Turning Her Off?

Because we care about your sex life (trust us, we really do), we’d like to help you as much as we can. For all the hotties out there who have been trying to talk dirty to their girlfriends, we have listed down a list of super sexy ways to get it right.

If you want to start talking dirty with your girl, start off easy, and work your way up. Let it get sexier with time.

Here we have six great dirty talking tips you can use while talking dirty with your girlfriend. Try them to see how well they work!

#1. Try The Name Game

If you want to know how to talk dirty with your girl, just start with calling her names. Your sex life totally defies Shakespearean saying of “what’s in a name,” because calling her with dirty names is the best way to turn her on.

Just grab her and say something dirty and sexy about each body part of hers that you touch with your hands. You can also call her a ‘dirty s**t’ if she likes it.

#2. Be Detailed About Your Fantasies

This is yet another safe way to see if your girl enjoys dirty talking with you. Tell her about things that you’re going to do to her, a little before you do it. Instead of being too vocal about it, just whisper all your fantasies in her ear, and you can also try breathing in her ear.

#3. She Needs To Open Up

Ask your girl about things that she wants to talk about. She may feel awkward to say something things in the beginning, so wait for a while until she feel completely uninhibited, bold, dirty and sexy.

You can also ask her to imagine something naughty and tell you where she’d want to be. Pay attention to your cues and get into her dirty descriptions.

#4. Forced Sex?

Ummmm… should you or shouldn’t you? Let us make it easy for you. Did you read or watch Fifty Shades of Grey? If yes, then you surely remember how Mr. Hottie made our cutie Anastasia do things that she never thought she would do. So the truth is that some girls like it rough.

Somewhere along the way of having regular sex, just grab her hands and hold them behind her head or on top of her head. Get vigorous, and go stronger. While you do that, run your free hand all over her body in a “not-so-gentle way.”

She may play along with you if she enjoys what you’re doing to her. And if that holds true then the sky is the limit, you lucky chap. Say the dirtiest things you could do to a girl and take full advantage of her in the bed.

#5. Make Her Follow You

Tell her what you want her to do. Instruct her. You can instruct her during foreplay, or while having sex. To make it just a little kinkier and sexier, ask her questions that are sure to excite her. She must have shared her fantasies with you, just remind her of them while you talk dirty to her.

#6. Think Beyond The Bed

Dirty talk about things that are beyond the bed. While you try talking dirty to her, talk about different places, about other people, or just doing things that may be risqué, yet exciting.

As long as you give her the time to warm up, both of you will enjoy sex a lot more.

And now some smart tips; always remember that what you say in bed should stay in bed. Let her know that the things you say are just dirty thoughts in bed and you have no plans of acting out.

Have you ever struggled with talking dirty to your girlfriend? How did you make it happen? Let us know in the comment section below.

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