How To Be The Best Girlfriend He’s Ever Had

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How To Be The Best Girlfriend He’s Ever Had

Just like women, men want different things in a relationship. I, for instance, prefer a clingy woman… you know, the type that gets mad when I don’t call or text back. Or the kind that comes home early, makes dinner and waits for me in bed without a bra. That’s my obsession. Another guy, probably in Jamaica, wants a woman who can smoke weed and party like an Egyptian Cyprian. Point and case – we all want different things in a woman. 

But when it comes to love, we are all sentimental to some extent and we pretty much want the same things. Women, however, often have a hard time studying their boyfriends, trying to establish what works best for them. At length, every woman wants to be the best girlfriend in the world. I’m sure there are lots of magazines and blogs that have published guides on how to be your boyfriend’s best girlfriend, and you’ve probably read most of them, but I strongly feel that I should break things down a little bit more for you to twig them better. Here is a detailed guide on how to be the best girlfriend to your man.

Have lots of self-respect and don’t compromise on your dignity

The first rule of being loved is loving yourself first. Sure, it’s a little selfish, but if you don’t respect yourself, don’t expect anybody to do it for you, or to you for that matter. Men find independent women overly attractive. So be independent, even in the way you carry yourself. Make him understand that you love him but you don’t need him. Mark your boundaries in bold and when he’s being an asshole, don’t hesitate to point it out.

Be bold enough to express how you feel and maintain your stand. Being clingy is one thing but being a pushover is a whole different story. So suck it up to him when necessary. But don’t let your pride get to your head. It might make him feel small. Rather, be submissive in your own way and let your voice be heard. Eventually, your enthusiasm becomes contagious, and if you ask me, it’s quite sexy.

Understand the difference between being supportive and being controlling

Setbacks are inevitable in life, and your boyfriend has no immunity either. Sometimes, things get rough and as hard as he tries, nothing really works. Understanding that this is just a phase of life and learning to embrace it is key. As his girlfriend, you need to stand by him. He needs you now more than ever.

A common mistake among women, however, is going too far; what I like to call, overegging the pudding. Making decisions for him simply because he’s vulnerable is not, by all means, being supportive. Stop pushing him around. Things are already hard for him, so don’t make them worse. Instead, talk to him in an assuring way, derive solutions to the problem together and above all, don’t underestimate him.

Give him some space. Please

When your boyfriend goes to a party with his friends and doesn’t invite you, it’s because it’s fun and it makes him happy, not because he’s trying to avoid you. When he’s texting on his phone and you can’t see it, it’s because he is private and it’s none of your business, not because he’s flirting with the blonde girl next door (Read: 50 Funny Things Men Wish Women Would Understand).

Trust is important in a relationship. As hard as it is for you, you need to believe that everything he does is in the best interests of your relationship. Stop doubting his intentions all the time. If you have a problem with his behavior, just approach him like a mature person. Don’t start snooping around. Other than earning his confidence, you’ll save yourself from a lot of anger, drama and sleepless nights.

Handle your fights maturely

Love is like a hill; there’s the ups and the downs, and as far as fights go, it’s only natural that they happen to you. In fact, if you never argue with your boyfriend, your relationship is probably already doomed. Disputes are core in any relationship; it’s what makes our voices heard. Besides, you can’t expect everything to run smoothly all the time. You’re not Juliet.

Fights are a necessary evil, if you know what I mean. That said, it’s important to act maturely when they occur. Understand that, when he brings up an issue and you have a fight, it’s because he wants you to understand something, not because he wants to hurt you. Be a good listener and most importantly, learn to act rationally. Don’t just start fooling around with other guys and updating silly statuses on Facebook just because there was a difference in opinion.

Improve yourself

Above and beyond that relationship, you have your own life to live. Get a new look every now and then, go to the gym, eat healthy, get a career, stay in trend etcetera etcetera. You’re fully responsible for whatever you choose to do with your life. So explore explore explore. Don’t let the relationship hold you back, but at least keep your boyfriend actively involved in whatever you’re doing.

You can, for example, ask him to accompany you to a road trip with your friends, or ask him what he thinks you should do with your hair… just anything to assure him that his opinion matters to you. As silly it sounds, he likes having a say in your life. So let him enjoy that. The more active you are in your life, the more lively the relationship becomes.

As I said earlier, we are all different in regards to tastes. But when we narrow down to a rather more romantic capacity, we can safely speak of an accepted truth. Even then, no cheat sheet really exists with respect to matters concerning the heart. It’s important to evaluate your relationship and understand your partner fully. Then you can play by your own rules to make things work.

Learn to love from your heart, unconditionally, and don’t use your relationship as a tool to fill a broken part within yourself. Balance your emotions with your thoughts and be confident in the love you share. And as a bonus point, don’t try making your partner jealous in hopes of getting a reaction to prove that he loves you. I know they do it in the movies, but it’s often more of a “Don’t try this at home” thing.

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