How to have Sex Dreams?

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How to have Sex Dreams?

Dreaming is an art and if you have sex dreams then you witness one of the most beautiful arts in the world. The problem is that dreams are not voluntary. You cannot decide to have a specific dream before sleeping. A person might not even dream for days or weeks. Dreaming is an involuntary action that occurs in the mind during certain stages of sleep. But what if you want to see the beautiful art again? Is there a way to have sex dreams? Can you be an artist and draw a sex scene in your dream? If these are some questions in your mind then the answer to these questions is “Yes”. Yes, a person can have sex dreams if they want to. But how? How to have a sexual dream? How to have sex in your dreams?

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Dreams are visuals of some ideas, emotions, and sensations that occur while you are unaware of your surroundings. Freudian theory says that dreams are a result of an individual’s hidden desires stored in their subconscious mind that gets activated during the sleep. Sex is one of the most repressed emotion and it can come out of the subconscious mind through dreams. Freud believed that virtually every dream topic represented the release of sexual tension regardless of its content. If you have any sexual stress or if you are not content in your sexual life then you can try dreaming sexual after sleep. If you have sex dreams then they could mean something.

A dream which shows you or your partner having sex with someone else may indicate some toxicity in your relationship. Every dream has some interpretation and they could mean or reflect something from your life, something has happened or might happen.

Dreaming of sex with a co-worker or the boss indicates that you need to be authoritative and there may be something you admire or envy in them. Having sex with an ex is one way your mind tries to resolve the conflict if you weren’t the one to break up. A racy dream about getting intimate with a celebrity or a stranger shows that you have found something new about yourself. You long for recognition of your talents publicly. You are proud of a recent achievement when you dream of closeness with a stranger. There are various dreams a person can have that can be arousing and they all may mean differently. What can be better than a sex dream? You can relieve all the stress, you can have mindful sex and you also get to know a lot about your life through them. Now, let us know how to have sex dreams.

#1. Create A Sensual Environment

The tip to trick your mind into dreaming sex is to give it an environment which forces it to think about sex. If you sleep on a silk bedsheet with bare minimum clothes on your body then you are most probably going to get aroused. Set a sensuous environment in your room by changing the bedsheets, your clothes, and every other possible thing you can do make the environment sexual. Wear lacy lingerie if you are a woman or do not wear anything at all. It is about giving freedom to your body and your mind. When you will be relaxed then it will become easier for you to think about sex and you could have sex dreams after.What you will see will influence your mind to think about it. Let your room smell fresh and maybe listen to a sexy playlist before bed. If you live with you then you could spoon or cuddle before sleeping. It will be a great tease which will definitely get you wet dreams at night.

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#2. Sleep In The Right Position

A study published in the scientific journal ‘Dreaming’ suggested that people who sleep on their stomachs have more sex dreams than those who sleep on their backs or sides. However, sleeping on your stomach is bad for the spine but you can do it once in awhile for some sexy dreams right! There shall be no harm in that.

In the study, 670 college students participated who were surveyed on their sleeping positions while they snoozed and how often they have erotic dreams.out of the 71 percent of participants only 5 percent reported sleeping on their stomachs and surprisingly those 5 percent of people had most sex dreams as compared to others. More specifically, when they slept with their face down their dreams got naughtier. Well, there are no scientific theories about the effect of sleeping on stomach on sexual dreams. The theory says that when you sleep on your stomach your sexual organs get pressed which leads to extra pressure and blood flow. The pressing of the body parts put dirty thoughts in your head and it completely makes sense. So, start sleeping on your stomach from today you never know when you may get lucky.

#3. Throw Away All The Electronics Before Sleeping

Disconnect all the electronics in your room. Switch off the laptops, mobiles, television or anything else that there is in your room at least an hour before you go to bed. The electronics emits radiations and the light from the screens negatively interrupts the sleep of a person. Most of the people spend their time watching the television or scrolling through the social media on their phones before sleeping. It gives unnecessary stress because you may see some disturbing news or you may think about other thing happening in your life. You will not be able to focus on your sexual dreams. Even if you do not plan on to have sex dreams then also mobile phones should be avoided for a sound sleep. The electronic devices make your sleeping patterns irregular and they keep the person using it distracted. People have complained about staying awake for long. You can try out some drinks that will help you sleep better if still face problems. 

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#4. Do Not Have Solo-Sex

If you want to have sex dreams then avoid masturbating before sleeping. You may have healthy sex with your partner but if you avoid orgasm for a couple of days then the chances of getting a sex dream increase. The sexual frustration will pent up and it will come out in the form of a sex dream. If you are single and you want to have sex dreams then you should avoid masturbating. Try to build sexual tension because that will be the only way you can dream about having sex. You will need to release the sexual tension and the repressed emotion will emerge on top when you sleep.

#5. Fantasize About Your Partner

Fantasize about your partner or if you are single then you can think about your favorite celebrity. Visualize what you want to do with your partner and the more detailed the image is the better are the chances of dreaming about sex. Think about a partner you already had sex with so that your subconscious can draw on from the memories and the dream will be more powerful. Think about little details of your partner and the kind of environment you want for the dream. Fantasize about a person and let your imagination go wild. It will not be a new thing for men. Do you know how often men think about sex?  Visuals have a lot of impact on our brain and they will help you have a sex dream.

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#6. Practice Having Lucid Dreams

Practice controlling your dreams. Controlling your dreams mean that you can fulfill all your hidden desires and fantasies that you cannot share in real. A lucid dream is a dream in which the dreamer is aware of their dreaming. You can have control over these dreams to some extent. It will not be easy to have sex in a lucid dream but with practice, you can have sexual dreams in the way you want.

Do you know how to have dreams about having sex? Do you want to have sex dreams? Have you ever had erotic dreams? Share your views with us through the comments section below. We look forward to your replies.

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