How to Boost your Sex Drive?

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How to Boost your Sex Drive?

Are you facing problems in flipping your "turn on" switch in the bedroom? Is your relationship becoming dull and boring? It becomes quite frustrating when you are unable to perform and satisfy your partner in the bedroom romance. This is truly a major turn off for any spouse.

But, my friend, you should know there are certain things that you are doing wrong which lowers your sexual desires. How embarrassing it is when your partner is all set to give their shot, but you are not, we feel you! Therefore, here is what you can do to boost your sex drive and keep that play running into the scene.

Why Is Sexual Intimacy Crucial In A Romantic Relationship?

The essence of true love not just lies in the emotional intimacy but also reflects in the sexual intimacy. It gives an edge to your relationship for maintaining a connection that is worth every effort. And if this effort is for a person who means the world to you, lovemaking becomes an even more beautiful experience. It can benefit your relationship in tremendous ways.

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First, it gives you the power to deal with all kinds of stressful situations in your day to day routine. Second, sexual intimacy makes sure that the two of you are connected truly. It brings you closer to your partner, and there's a chemistry to cherish upon. Third, the mutual sexual desires make sure that your romance is kept alive throughout along with keeping your hormones in a balance. So, when you are keeping your health fine and maintaining the stress levels, you are automatically becoming healthier. Sex is an immune booster, and it also ensures you to have a fast metabolism.

How To Boost Your Sex Drive?

There are several factors that influence our sex drives. But what works for you remains distinctive to each and every other person. Nonetheless, here are a few things you can do to boost your sex drive when they aren't up to your expectations.

#1. Boost Your Confidence

The first and foremost way to boost that sex drive is by boosting your self-confidence. It is very important to feel great about your body so as to be comfortable when you are with your partner. Your thoughts about having a poor body image affect you to not enjoy romance with your partner in full capacity. It actually discourages you from having sex. So, it is very important to shift your focus from the gat and flabs to the love that you have in the relationship. Turn your flaws into fabulous romance. If not then, stick to the initial pleasure that you experience.

Your confidence level impacts how you are going to perform in bed. So,  take some time out to love yourself every day, accept yourself and support yourself. Develop a sense of completeness with who and what you are. And do you know, sex and lovemaking are pretty much correlated. For instance, when a person knows he/ she is great in bed, they feel confident in other walks of life as well. No matter how they would be at their professional front, this one aspect changes their entire attitude. When you are with your partner, you do not have to seek for approval. The two of you are in love with each other, and that should be enough to make two souls one.

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#2. Get A Good Sleep

It is according to several studies that a lack of sleep kills your sexual appetite in a plenty of ways. So, when you have a lack of interest in the bedroom, make sure you aren't becoming a workaholic and getting less sleep. A good night sleep is not only essential for better well-being but also for increasing your sexual drives. How? Lack of six to eight-hour sleep leaves a long-lasting impact on your hormones. You also get low on vigor. Working extra hours would definitely give you greater payouts, but they will also hinder the essence of your relationship. Sleep, in a majority of cases, is the primary reason for dropping sexual desires.

Plus, you will be focusing less on nearly everything. And I am sure you don't want that to happen when he/she is totally turned on! Staying awake and not getting the required rest only makes you dumb and not sexy. Sleep keeps you rejuvenated. But when you aren't doing that, it affects your energy levels, and according to certain studies, it also lowers your fertility. Plus exhaustion takes a toll on your life, which will ultimately affect your romantic relationship. And being busy also means that you are already not making time for love.

#3. Try Certain Foods

What you eat definitely plays an important role in effectively boosting your sexual drives or lowering them to the most critical stage. Therefore, you can experiment with these libido-boosting edibles: Avocado, banana, figs, watermelon, broccoli, ginseng, eggs, and ginger are some of the best aphrodisiacs and helps in boosting your sex drive immensely. These are all the super foods that supercharge your sex drives. Not only those, but there are a few more - spinach, dark chocolate, green tea, peppers, pumpkin seeds, fatty fish along with red wine, flavonoid-rich foods like blueberries is one way to improve your bedroom performance.

These foods are also rich in several vitamins and minerals, so you need not worry about any harmful effects. They are not only nutritious, but some of these also promote a healthy blood flow to your genitals for a healthier sex life.

#4. Try Sexercising 

Yes, there are several exercises that you can do to boost your sex drives. There are certain pelvic exercises that help you reap the benefits. But, make sure that you are religious with your routine. Just start toning yourself now and thank us later for the advice. However, there aren’t a lot of clinically backed studies regarding sexercise, yet there is a sufficient number to prove the benefits. You can even ask your doctor, what and how exactly can you go about. You just need to make your pelvic muscles flexible enough to improve your sexual health and send across a powerful message.


And make sure you listen to your partner when they deny. It isn't necessary that they might be pulling away just because of pain. You need to evaluate the clues and make sure there isn't a severe issue. Lowering sexual drives can hamper the relationship.

#5. Plan More Date Nights

What does a fun Friday night mean to you? If it only implies to watching Netflix and hogging on popcorn, then my friend, you are killing your sex drive. Try and rekindle your romance, get out of the house, go for an old-fashioned date night and bring up the chances of awakening your dull and boring sex life. If you have kids, ask your friends for a favor and make sure you also return the favor back. Hire a nanny or simply leave the kids with their grandparents.

#6. Keep A Tap Over Your Medications

Yes, there is an absolute need to keep a tap over your medications. So, if you are on any kind of pills from a long time period, make sure that you have a look over your prescriptions and discuss the same with your physician. Medicines pertaining to that of birth control, blood pressure along with depression, anxiety, opioids, anti-seizure or medical marijuana affect (read kill) your libido. So, if you suspect lowering libido issues, determine what kind of medications are you consuming. Identify the culprit as soon as possible and make sure to get rid of it.

#7. Try Faking It Till You Can Certainly Make It

Yes, you can actually fake it till you realize that you are able to make it. It simply means that even if you feel you cannot do what you should be doing, try pretending to do it. And you will be surprised to see how you actually gain the confidence and the pleasure to really make it to that level. 

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However, if your relationship is dying and you feel nothing works to make the two of you interested in the act, then just don't continue with this attitude. And it is through my personal experience that sometimes, we tend to poke our mind in each and every case. So, this is the worst we can do to ourselves and the relationship. Initially, you might feel forced, but when love starts to overcome such situations, you find it easy to make it. Just give it some time and put into the act your wholehearted feelings as well as emotions.

If I talk about myself, I am a firm believer of this attitude. It has changed my life. So, maybe even you can give it a try as there is no harm. The mind needs to be tricked so you can smoothly balance your life and each of the moments. It is in no time that your pretending attitude will turn into a real deal.

Liked what you just read? Want to read more such informational stuff? Would you like to share any of your personal experiences/ opinions? Tell us what helped you deal with such a situation through the comment section below. We would love to hear from you!

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