Why you should have Solo Sex even if you are in a Relationship?

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Why you should have Solo Sex even if you are in a Relationship?

Solo sex feels like wonders and is pretty much the most amazing thing you can do to yourself. It is the most natural thing that happens to every human being. You can enjoy solo sex more when you realize how beneficial it is. Remember, there are no downsides to having solo sex as such, as the only thing you will have is the pleasure. Though, you can sometimes hurt yourself. However, that is a risk you can take. There should be no embarrassment or shame in having solo sex. Let us now see why you should have solo sex even if you are in a relationship.

Have Solo Sex Even If You Are In A Relationship

#1. Appeals To Almost Everyone 

People may not admit it, but they have, however, masturbated by themselves in their life at least once. Though, one is a very small number to count. Anyway, the National Survey of Sexual Health 2009 claims that 78% of Americans have solo sex which includes not only youth but the people above 40s as well.

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#2. It Is The Best Painkiller You Can Find Around

Your body reaches an extreme ecstatic state when you are sexually aroused. It is the best painkiller you can find around. For women, solo sex is very effective in the menstrual cramps. Masturbation releases endorphins in the body which leads to pain threshold, and the result is a relief. Masturbation is very effective for migraine patients as well.

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#3. It Can Even Prevent Cancer

According to a medical survey in Australia, people having more solo sex were found less affected by the severe diseases like cancer. Masturbation is all about flushing out all the ducts to save the build-up of the body or carcinogens. It also helps to increase the resistance power of the immune system as it develops more “natural killer cells” in the blood.

#4. People Who Have Solo Sex, Have More Sex

It is a self-love cycle. Many of the sex therapists have discovered that the people who are in physical touch with themselves usually tend to increase their sex drive over time. The people who have solo sex, tend to have more sense of pleasure when the opportunity arises. 

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#5. You Can Find How You Look And Sound In Bed

There can never be a better way to feel how you are like when you are in bed. Experimenting the dimensions of your own body is the best way to find what and how you look and sound during orgasm. If you will not be aware of what you are like in bed, how will you tell your partner what turns you on?

#6. Boosts Your Self-Esteem

Instead of feeling ashamed of masturbation, you should be happy as touching yourself can boost your self-esteem and confidence in your own body. You realize your strengths and shortcomings in bed and then can practice it with your partner. Once you do it with yourself, you will be perfectly comfortable to try that with your partner as well.

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#7. The Crazy Masturbation Myths Are Not True

Have you ever heard that masturbation would make you blind? Or probably it will affect your fertility? Or solo sex can create some erectile dysfunction for you? Or addiction to vibrators will happen? If you have, then let us clear this thing right here, it’s total bullshit. None of these myths are true. These myths are just perpetuated by the so-called “wisdom” of the people.

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#8. It Can Spice Up Your Love Life

Even if you are in a relationship, solo sex is beneficial to you. It will add a creative touch to your love life. Your sexual arsenal will be more fresh and creative. Also, you won’t believe it until it happens to you that it can be surprisingly exciting to talk about your solo sex habits. It will relive the performance pressure on you while having sex.

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#9. It Can Get You A Happy And Relaxing Sleep

Just like having sex with your partner, you get a relaxing sleep, after solo sex as well you will get peaceful and relaxed sleep. As everyone knows that masturbation makes the blood pressure low and releases endorphins. Both of these things are capable of putting you in a happy and relaxed state and can easily drift you towards sleep. If you have restless leg syndrome, that can also be relieved by solo sex.

#10. You Cannot Always Depend On Partner For All Your Sexual Satisfaction

No matter how amazing is your partner in bed, but you can’t have them 24*7. If you want to satisfy your sexual needs at the odd times, you can have that only if the person who is satisfying you is you. There is a healthy connection between solo sex and good relationship with your partner. It is very important to satisfy yourself in order to satisfy the other person or your partner.

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#11. Helps You To Stay In Touch With Your Fantasies

Sometimes you don’t realize what you actually love in bed until there are your fantasies to support. Solo sex provides you an opportunity to convert your fantasies into reality by trying them first, with yourself and then, with your partner. If you want to take care of your sexual satisfaction, tap into your fantasies.

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#12. Acts As A Key To Self-Care

Solo sex is the greatest self-care that you can have. It does not have physical benefits for you only but also many more psychological benefits as well. Solo sex or orgasm is the biggest drug that you can have which can make you feel better physically and mentally. It has some neurochemicals such as oxytocin and dopamine which are great for lifting your spirits. Also, they activate the rewarding circuits of your brain.

#13. Fosters A Positive Body Image

There are so many people who struggle with the body image issues on a daily basis. People are judged so much that they start believing that they are not capable of satisfying anyone. However, solo sex makes you feel good about your body. It is very important to feel comfortable in your own skin, and solo sex can convince you thoroughly that you are beautiful.

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#14. It Is The Easiest Way To Exercise

We all are aware that sex is a great exercise. Similarly, we need to change our perspective about solo sex as well. The benefits of solo sex are more or less the same as of sex. It can become an alternative to your work out for some time. Solo sex works on those kegel muscles and even beats your spin classes. It will also rate up your heart.

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#15. Enables You To Give Better Directions During Sex

Have you ever directed your partner while having sex? You must sometimes have, right. Since solo sex lets you know what exactly you like when you are in bed, it will also help you direct your partner while you are with them in bed. If you are sure what satisfies you when you are having solo sex, you will be able to direct your partner as well efficiently. Masturbation can also be considered as a future investment in a great sex life.

#16. Solo Sex Doesn't Have To Be A Solo Activity If You Wish

If you and your partner are always stuck in the foreplay, make solo sex a part of your intimacy to turn yourself up and then move to your partner immediately after you are turned on. Believe us; your partner will love to see you go down on yourself. Solo sex does not necessarily have to be a solo activity if you are willing to make it otherwise. Also, when you are feeling horny, there can’t be anything better than this.

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#17. Lastly, Is There A Reason To Not Do It? Then, Why Not!

As long as you have good hygiene habits, there is no point of not practicing the habit of solo sex. It is neither making you pregnant (for women) nor giving you an STD. Therefore, you can’t find any reason not to let yourself enjoy.

The nicest thing your body does is giving you as many orgasms as you want. Then why not? Let us know your suggestions as well in the comment section below.

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