How to Please your Man without Sex?

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How to Please your Man without Sex?

We all know that sex is one of the most important things that keep couples together. The lack of sexual intimacy can lead to frustration and distance which can deteriorate understanding and love. When it comes to pleasing your man, you can do much more.

While sex is right there on top of the things that are important for the happiness of a relationship, it is certainly not the only thing that can please your man. When it comes to men, sex is indispensable but not the sole need. Pleasure derived from relationships does not only depend on sex. Men have a variety of other needs too. As a woman, you may have a strong urge to keep your man happy and satisfied. To fulfill this particular goal, you’ll have to give him a little more than just sexy time.

How To Please Your Man Without Sex?

#1. Tender Touching

Even if you are the busiest couple in the world, unexpected brushes on his skin with your fingers can invigorate his senses and make him feel like he has the most wonderful wife in the world. Even gentle kisses, while you're both on your laptops or getting ready for work, will make him feel very happy. When you give your man stolen kisses or touches, he feels that he has your attention even when you’re busy doing something else. Everyone feels happy when they have someone who pays attention to them constantly. So, next time your man is in his own world, give him a quick peck on his forehead or shoulder and you’ll get the cutest baffled smile from him. You’ll probably even get a kiss back.

#2. Boost His Ego

The male ego is the second most important things that men want stroking. While flattering your man’s ego too much will lead to a high headed partner, occasional ego boosts will satisfy him beyond measure. One way of boosting your man’s ego is by letting him help you with things. If you tell your man that you’re unable to do a particular task, like open a can, for instance, he will get a huge ego boost when he is able to do it for you. When a man does something for you, he feels worthy of your love and that makes him extremely proud of himself. Another great ego booster is when a woman laughs at all the jokes a man cracks. Making women laugh is probably as important to men as making them orgasm. Give your man the pleasure of making you giggle and he will remain pleased for the next few hours.

#3. Give Him Space

Just like women, men too need their own time to do their own thing. When your man comes home from work and slouches in front of his computer instead of talking to you about his day, it does not mean he has lost all interest in you. All it means that he needs some time to zone out and is in his own world. Eventually, he will turn to you and acknowledge your presence. But until the time he is in his own headspace, try not to bombard him with questions like why aren’t you talking to me. Before you know it, he will realize you’re sitting right there and are more attractive than any game he could possibly have on his computer. When you give your man the space to be on his own, he will come to you happier and grateful.

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#4. Be Honest

Most men like their lives to be uncomplicated after a point. Cut the drama and the mind games out of your relationship to keep your man pleased. If something is bothering you, go up to your man and talk about it. Passive aggressiveness and disappointed grunting will only frustrate him because he won’t know what’s bothering you. Further, if you want his help with something, don’t drop hints and then be mad as he didn’t pick up on them. Be straightforward and tell him what you need. You will never be let down and your man will feel happy that he could help this woman out. Again, that is wonderful for their ego. So, let go of those manipulative mind games that you play and give him the straight truth one hundred percent of the time.

#5. Practice Forgiveness

If your man knows that you hold a grudge against him for something he did years ago, he will never be completely happy. The fact that you harbor even a bit of negativity towards him will keep pinching a nerve in his head. You will have yourself a man who has to walk on eggshells and avoid talking about things that hurt you ages ago. Instead of holding grudges that mentally disturb your man, forgive him for the past and work towards a brighter future. Mistakes of the past cannot be undone. It is senseless to be mad at your man about something that he probably apologized for already. Keep forgiveness handy and you’ll have a content man for yourself .

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#6. Do Things He Likes

You’ve probably got your man to watch the occasional chick flick with you. Chances are, he hated the film and watched it only to make you happy. Doing things that you’re not particularly fond of but he loves will make him feel super happy as well. Since he will get what he likes, you will get loads of affection from him and that’s a win-win situation. Communicate with him and ask him what he would like to do for fun. He may want to stay in and cuddle while you want to go out in the town. Settle for staying in and watching a match or a movie he likes. Surely, he will take you out next time, but this time, he will be pleased that this woman gave up her thing so that he could be happy. He’ll feel proud of his choice and fall deeper in love with you.

#7. Surprise Him

It’s not that only women are fond of surprises. They make men happy too. Pick up your man’s favorite dish on your way home from work. Or buy him those jeans he’s been admiring but couldn’t get around to buying. Such tiny actions lead to men feeling loved and cared for. It is important to note that a man’s emotional needs are as important as his physical. Other small gestures can include cooking for him, downloading a show he’s wanted to watch for ages or setting up a boys night out for him. All this will make him feel like you pay attention to and care about his needs as well.

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#8. Night Cuddles

Even when you have had wild sex at night, you can add a little more pleasure by cuddling with him. Cuddling will make you both feel safe and comfy with each other. It will tell him that he is exactly where he is supposed to be – in his loving woman’s arms, and he will sleep pleased and peaceful. If your cuddling leads to a little squeezing here and there, it’ll make your man even happier. 

Just pick up on his cues and it will be really easy to figure out what can please him. So, next time when your man is down in the dumps, you won’t need just sex to cheer him up. 

Tell us how do you please your man? Drop your comments in the comments section below. We would love to know your thoughts and experiences.

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