How to Tell if you have Good Sexual Chemistry with your Man?

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How to Tell if you have Good Sexual Chemistry with your Man?

Being attracted to someone is not the sign of being sexually compatible with some. If they reciprocate the same sexual chemistry with you, that is a sign of having an amazing sexual compatibility with your partner. This will be clear to you even by observing how you feel looking at him and how he looks at you. The reciprocated sexual chemistry is everything in this case.

However, how can you figure out that you have a good sexual chemistry with your partner? It is not too difficult and no rocket science is involved in this. It does not matter that how strong mental and emotional connection you have, it all depends upon the sexual chemistry. Therefore, let us dig into some signs which can tell you whether you have good sexual chemistry with your partner or not.

#1. You Both Are Great At Kissing Each Other

If you wish to tell that is your guy a great lover or not, you will have to first judge him for a kiss. If your partner is great at kissing and you both enjoy kissing each other, then the chances of having a great sexual chemistry are more. The body language and the way you kiss is very important to have a great potential sexual experience. Kissing is the first stage of having a great sexual chemistry. Therefore, if you enjoy kissing, you will probably love the chemistry as well.

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#2. You Both Have the Same Kind Of Sexual Fantasies And Desires

Sexual chemistry is something that can be the end and beginning of a great relationship. If you are not sexually compatible with someone, you will probably not be able to get involved with them too much. Thus, if you have a great chemistry, you tend to have the same libidos as well. Having same sexual desires and fantasies lead to a better compatibility and chemistry between a couple. You tend to have a great sexual chemistry and perfect satisfaction if you enjoy the same kind of fantasies. 

#3. You Both Feel Balanced And Complete While Having Sex

When you get intimate with someone, it is very common that one of the partners has a dominant personality in bed and the other has a passive role in the duration of intercourse. Sex is not an act of “everything about me.” It has everything to do with your partner if you look closely. However, if you don’t feel dominated or passive when you get intimate with you man, you have a great sexual chemistry. If having sex with him makes you feel appreciated and balanced, you are with the right person.

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#4. You Feel Desired And Beautiful Around Him

It is very important for a woman to feel desired when she is with her partner. When you feel loved, desired, beautiful and respected around your partner, your sex life also has a reflection of that as well. The core nature of the person is always present in the act of intimacy, if not completely, but it has some extension of that nature. Moreover, if your man makes you feel beautiful and loved when he gets close to you, it is a great sign of a good sexual chemistry.

#5. You Miss His Physical Presence When He Is Not Around

It is very exciting and incredibly amazing when you have a smile on your face even when you think about your partner. The more you think about your partner, the connection becomes stronger. That stronger relationship will also be reflected in your sex life as well. If you fantasize him when he is not around and miss his touch, that is a huge indication that you both have an amazing sexual chemistry and enjoy each other while having sex. It potentially depends on how you feel when he is not around.

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#6. Sex Is Always New And Adventurous

Sex and sexuality can never be constant. In fact, it should never be constant and should be ever changing. What you love today, you might not like it tomorrow. Therefore, see if your love life and sex life is adventurous or not. If you both have the same kind of sexuality and enjoy the same sort of intimacy, it’s a huge thumb up. The more adventurous your sex life is, the more sexual chemistry you have with your man. You both should be able to open up in bedroom completely. You should feel good about him and him coming close to you. You will definitely have a good time together if you both are sexually compatible. Sexual chemistry is a sign of having a good time and feeling good and positive about the intimacy. Whether it is just kissing, foreplay or even sex. You need to feel good to be sexually compatible with each other. A whole lot of people just think that having an orgasm is just the sign of having sexual chemistry which is not true.

#7. You Get Aroused Quickly With Him

While having foreplay or even while kissing if you get aroused from your partner’s touch quickly, that surely means that you both have a great sexual chemistry. Sexual compatibility shows when you get aroused by your partner and they are able to turn you on completely. If he is not able to arouse you from his gestures, you probably should invest more time in digging in the hottest chemistry between you both. 

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#8. You Feel Good And Turned On Even Outside Of Bed

There are many times when couples do not realize that they are out of bed while involving into the foreplay. If you are not comfortable with them outside the bed or probably are conscious of getting naked in front of your partner, you are not comfortable enough with them. If you aren’t comfortable, you will never be able to enjoy the sexual chemistry between you both. If the extension of your comfort does not see the places then you are perfectly compatible with each other.

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#9. You Can Laugh Out Loud In Between Intimacy

You might not be able to digest this in a go as this does not look like a typical romantic movie. However, it is very important to be so comfortable and easy in front of your partner that you can laugh while kissing him and then get aroused soon as well. But sharing smiles with each other while having sex or even kissing is a gesture of comfort and pleasure. In the heat of the moment if you enjoy as well that means you both are ridiculously comfortable with each other. Sexual chemistry is a sign of feeling safe and calm in their arms.

#10. He Is Not Afraid To Look Into Your Eyes And Confess Everything Without Nervousness

Sexual chemistry is being the most comfortable self of you in front of your partner and being able to show that in physical terms. Your partner will never become nervous about opening up or confessing something in front of you if they are sexually comfortable with you. There will be no hint of nervousness if you both have great sexual chemistry. They will have the urge to share everything and explore every extent of your body. 

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These signs can help you to know whether you have a great sexual chemistry with your man or not. Let us know your thoughts as well in the comments section below. We look forward to your replies.

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