How to take a Break in a Relationship without Ending it?

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How to take a Break in a Relationship without Ending it?

The dynamics of relationships have immensely changed over time. The rules and the norms of a society somewhere restricted people and their relationship. Acceptance was highly dependent on the norms of the society. People were conscious about other’s opinions while there were a few who did not care. The ones who followed their own hearts were called rebels. A commitment was a thing back then. Divorce and breakups were considered unreligious, but today they have become ordinary. People have developed their own way of living and none of the lifestyles can be tagged wrong. 

Every person is different and has the freedom to choose their life. With this transformation and the rise of individualism, relationships have found a new dimension. Relationships have explored a space where the two people involved decide to live their lives in their own ways without affecting the other. The subject of space in an association has emerged over time. The two partners want space for their own separate lives. Intervention by one partner suffocates the other forcing them to take a break. Taking a break in a relationship may hold distinctive meaning for various people.

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Taking a break in a relationship implies taking some time away from each other. When the two partners feel that they should stay away from each other for some time then taking a break in the relationship is the best alternative they find. Does taking break in a relationship mean a breakup? Taking a break in a relationship does not suggest that the relationship will be over. A break is just some time away. The break could be very short or it could be longer depending upon the status of the bond between the two partners. There may be some distance, but the couple does not want the relationship to end. But why does a couple take a break in a relationship

Sometimes when a relationship goes through a lot of ups and downs the lovers begin to drift away. They might have suffered together through the whole time but there a few things that affect both and the relationship. The love they once shared will not be the same because no matter how much strength people show, they break at one point. Usually, after the suffering ends, the stress shows its effect on the people. The same happens in a relationship, and it becomes very important to revive the relationship. Taking a break could be a wise decision to bring the old love back and to make it stronger. 

During the break, both the lovers will realize each other’s importance and position in their lives pushing them closer to each other. Are you in an unhealthy relationship? If you are going through such a situation and you have thought about taking a break, then you should go ahead with the decision. The question is how to take a break in a relationship without ending it?

How You Can Take A Break In Your Relationship?

#1. Discuss The Idea With Your Partner

You have concluded that you need to take a break but does your partner know about it? The verdict cannot be yours alone, and therefore you should discuss it with your partner. What you feel may be opposite to what your partner feels. You should not impose your idea on your partner otherwise there will be fights in your relationship. Question your partner about what they feel about and if they are comfortable with a little distance. Give them a surety that this is not a breakup. You just want to take some time off for yourself and the relationship.

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#2. Set Time Limit And Frequency Of Contact

Taking a break in a relationship is all about distance. So maintain that gap after you have proposed to take the break. Inform your partner about how long you plan to stay away from them. It is important that they know how long you will be distant because if you tell them that it is going to be a few days, then you would be lying. You have to restrict your meetings and contact accordingly to be able to ponder about your relationship. When you stay away from them, you will realize if you miss them or not. Distance will either make the heart grow fonder, or it will cease the love. If you stay in touch, you will not be able to comprehend where your feelings are taking you.

#3. Be Kind And Clear About Your Proposition

A rude approach to your partner will make things worse. Kindness can help a person achieve anything. When it comes to relationships politeness and respect is the utmost necessity because you can garner a fruitful relationship with these qualities. Your partner needs to be respected because they may not want a break. You must listen to their thoughts about taking a break. You should be able to convince them for this break which can happen only with a generous attitude. When your partner agrees, then you will realize that you are in a mature relationship. Express your concern with them by communicating face to face. Messaging them on the phone will not be a great idea because that would show your carelessness and light approach. Your partner should understand that you are serious about the break and you want to improve things between you both.

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#4. Make The Break About You

You might have had a rough time because of which you want to take a break. Do not make the break all about your relationship. You should focus on yourself first because unless you heal nothing else will change. Spend some time alone and pamper yourself. Hang out with your friends to get some fun back in your life. All the stress related to the suffering will vanish after you spend time with your close friends. There is no bigger a stress buster than your best friend. Spend time with all the people you missed and who could help you take the right decision about your relationship. Succumbing to the stress and pain will not be a great idea. The break has to be more about growing out of what made you take a break.

#5. Do Not Date Other People

You might be reconsidering your decision about the relationship. You might not be happy with your partner, but that does not mean that you date other people. Your relationship may have become taxing, but you can still make things work out. A little effort from both the sides can fix everything. Giving up and moving on will not find you the love of your life, you may enter a wrong relationship to avoid the one you already have. Finding someone else who would give you what you were searching for is a ridiculous idea because your partner can do that too if you tell them to. If you date someone to forget your partner, then it will be a rebound relationship. You may not attract happiness in the new relationship as well because it was to get over someone you loved. Hence, dating someone else during this time to ensure that you are not alone shall be avoided.

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#6. Analyze Your Relationship And Its Future

After taking some time away from your relationship, you might have reached a conclusion. Either you missed your partner a lot or you didn’t at all. If you missed them, then it signifies that you love them and still want them in your life, but if you didn’t then it means something is missing in the relationship. This will be the right time to contemplate about your partner and your relationship. Think of all the pros and cons of your relationship and take it as a problem which you need to solve. Observe what the issues were which bothered you and what do you like in your relationship. Weigh what is more important to you and if you can adjust in the relationship. Will you be ready to compromise? Do you think you can have a future with this person? If the answer to these questions is yes then you should continue your relationship but if the answer was no then you need to take a step forward. Find a solution to the problem.

#7. Confess Your Feelings After A Realization

You might have come to a realization whether you love your partner or not, or if there is a possibility to revive the relationship. It is time to confess your feeling to your partner. They should know what you feel and you should know what they feel after taking a break in the relationship. If you want to continue the relationship then tell them and if not then ask them what they would like to do in this situation. Would they be ready to compromise and take a second chance? Another important thing is that you ask your partner if they are on the same page with you. It could be possible that the break made them realize that they do not want the relationship anymore. Whatever the scenarios are, you should stay positive and trust yourself.

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Did you ever take a break in a relationship? Share your experiences with us through the comments section below.

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