7 Famous Couples The Who Fell In Love At First Sight

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7 Famous Couples The Who Fell In Love At First Sight

The love at first sight syndrome is like a fall fast and fall hard anatomy. It remains a big mystery and people have their perceptions. Either you immediately feel a stronger familiarity with someone, or you take your own sweet time to develop that bond, but love does blossom between people who are destined to be together. 

Many confuse the love at first sight with lust! Some experts explain how you experience those love kind of emotions upon meeting someone at first. It can be a desirable stage lasting up to a maximum of six months. Whereas on the other side, real love is strengthened on better communication as well as compatibility. It surely is a bit longer than instant!

But it's human nature to get attracted towards the charm of the opposite sex. And only with time, there are possibilities of us sticking to the same person of denying of anything! 

According to a 2014 survey, 60% of the people believed in love at first sight including 41% men and 29% women. This raises the question about love at first sight, does it happen outside the films? 

Let's glance through the list of celebrities who instantly fell in love ending their relationships into real life marriages.

#1. Jessica Alba and Cash Warren

According to an interview that Jessica gave to the Cosmopolitan magazine, she confessed how she knew it was the right time! Jessica felt an instant connection with Cash Warren, and she was right. The couple dated for four years and married each other in the year 2008. 

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(Image Courtesy:  US Weekly)

#2.Michael Bublé and Luisana Lopilato

When he first met Luisana, the sparks had struck. Michael chased after her and one fine day said it, "You are my wife, you just don’t know it yet." To which Luisana replied, "Of course you want me to be your wife, every man wants to marry me, so we will have to see!” And in the year 2011, they both walked down the aisle as Mr. and Mrs. Bublé.

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(Image Courtesy: Hello Magazine)

#3. Aaron Paul and Lauren Parsekian

It was the first time both of them went to hang out, where they had their first kiss! It was the same night that Paul confessed his love for Lauren and told her that they would marry one fine day. In the year 2013, they did!

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(Image Courtesy: E! Online)

#4. Shakira and Gerard Piqué

In an interview, Shakira explained how there's an avalanche happening inside when you meet the right person. According to her, love is a practice that can be developed over time with experience and patience. There was a spark ignited between the singing sensation & national team defender! The couple came together in the year 2010.

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(Image Courtesy: Sportskeeda)

#5. Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon

The couple has openly spoken about how their connection progressed real quick and how it was love at first sight kind of a feeling! The lovebirds dated each other for around six weeks before tying the inseparable knot.

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(Image Courtesy: Life & Style)

#6. David Beckham and Victoria Caroline

The soccer star already knew that Victoria was the right one even before meeting her personally. David already had decided while seeing a Spice Girl music video that he's going to marry the girl in short dark dress (Victoria). David even wrote her telephone number on several things at home, so he didn't miss it anywhere.

#7. George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin

George already knew that Amal was extraordinary. He also wondered if they could even get a chance to date each other. But George and Amal, a Lebanese-British barrister married each other in the year 2013 and became a power couple of their time. The two remained friends for a while and then she said yes!

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(Image Courtesy: US Weekly)

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