Who was Andrew Jackson? How did he die?

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Who was Andrew Jackson? How did he die?

Who doesn't know about Andrew Jackson? The founder of the Democratic Party, Jackson went on to become the President of United States. He had a distinguished career as a politician, a lawyer and also as an officer in the military.

This man faced the possibility of death multiple times throughout his lifetime. We all are aware of the various accomplishments he had in his career and all the work he did throughout his life time. But, very little is known about these instances where he nearly died. Andrew Jackson managed to escape death many times miraculously. The world would not have been able to witness his greatness if any of these brushes with death would have actually caused death.

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Down below are the various instances where Andrew Jackson faced the possibility of death.

#1. During the Revolutionary War, the British captured Andrew and his brother. They were captured and starved for a long period of time. When they were released, the two of them were compelled to trek 45 miles to reach the POW camp. At that time Andrew was around 14 years of age, it was raining very heavily. His brother was so very sick that he could not walk by himself. He was slung on the back of a horse for the rest of the journey. Andrew was left to cover the distance on foot, without any assistance, at the same time he was affected by smallpox. When they finally managed to reach home, his brother could not keep up the struggle; he died two days after reaching home. Given the condition in which Andrew was, he was bedridden for months. But he managed to recover and get back to good health, which did seem impossible.

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#2. Andrew had a distinguished career in the military; he faced a lot of situations, including times when he was left to survive on acorns. He also fought malaria, diarrhea, and starvation. These were all critical times and how he managed to survive are a lot to do with miracle and luck.

#3. When you are the President, you become the center of attraction. This does not mean all love you. There are always those who have a lot of expectations from you, which may remain unfulfilled. In the year 1835, Andrew Jackson was leaving the Capitol building, at that moment Richard Lawrence went up to him and held a pistol pointed at him. It was so sudden that everyone was too shocked to take any action. He fired the gun, but nothing really happened, it was a misfire. He then took out another gun and fired at Jackson, this time also nothing happens; it was a misfire. By then the crowd got hold of Lawrence. The fact that remains shocking is, both guns were properly loaded. The fact that both of them misfired is nothing short of a miracle.

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How Did He Really Die?

On June 8, 1845, at the age of 78, Jackson died of chronic dropsy, tuberculosis and a heart failure.

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