How did Hitler die?

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How did Hitler die?

Der Fuhrer, Adolf Hitler took his last breath on 30 April 1945 in Berlin. The man who had single handedly changed the course of the world and went down the pages of History had pulled out his pistol and took his own life. He may be the most hated person in the world, but his life was one of awe and intrigue. 

A dictator whose speech moved thousands right into the battlefield and a man who kept his love for his Fatherland above everything else, Adolf Hitler was an iconic figure in Nazi Germany.

Conspiracy Theories

Various unusual theories have sprouted around the strange circumstances of Hitler’s death. Some are plain bizarre, but there are those that do not sound outlandish and are believed by many:

#1. He Went Off To Spain

According to a book 'Hitler's Escape' by Ron T Hansig, Hitler did not die but escaped to Spain. The reason given for this theory is that the body retrieved from within the bunker where Hitler had committed suicide was not of him but a woman. His wife Eva Braun was also untraceable.

#2. He Escaped To Antarctica

There are some who believe that Hitler did escape but not to Spain, instead, he went off to the impregnable fortress that was built for him by the Nazi army. It was widely believed that Nazi had built a secret base in the South Pole in the 1930s, Hitler was safely taken away there.

#3. He Went Underground

Hitler and his advisers believed that Earth was hollow and that is enough for people to think that he possibly went underground to seek refuge. It is speculated that Hitler was hiding in the bunker at Berlin as he was not the one to surrender or a man who could take his own life. Instead, he went through an underground tunnel, took a plane, flew off to the South Pole and went into the Earth.

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Facts About Hitler’s Death

As preposterous as the theories go, the fact that is acknowledged is that Hitler was unable to face a crushing defeat, consumed a cyanide capsule and shot himself to death at the end of World War 2. There are both positive and negative aspects of the life of this famous figure. Some other facts related to his death are:

#1. His health was deteriorating by the time he was 56, the age he died, Hitler shook a great deal, walked with immense difficulty and the continuous attempt at his life had weakened the right side of his body.

#2. He had thoroughly discussed the method he used to commit suicide with his physician and fed a cyanide capsule to his favorite dog to see if it worked. He finally shot himself through the right temple while holding the pill in his mouth. His wife Eva took another capsule to follow him to death.

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#3. The last meal that Hitler had was spaghetti; he ate a simple meal with his two secretaries while his wife had retired to bed early as she was not too well. Those close to Hitler including his chef was kept in the dark regarding his plans.

What according to you happened to the great leader of the Nazi Army? Share your feedback using the comment box below.

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Hitler was  one of the powerful emperor in the world. His ambition is won all the country.  But I don't know he was how to die. 

Though I am of the belief that Hitler actually shot himself, the evidence that he escaped to Argentina is overwhelming. I have even heard about an FBI confidential investigation which suggested the same. 

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