The positive side of Hitler story

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The positive side of Hitler story

Most of the historians portray Adolf Hitler as the cruelest dictator the world has ever seen. The Jews were singled out for persecution during Hitler’s Nazi regime and 11 million people were killed during the notorious Holocaust. Out of which, 1.2 million were children and 6 million Jewish people were also brutally assassinated. Other targeted groups included disabled people, Jehovah’s witnesses, Roma and homosexuals. These statistics clearly reflect the cruelty shown by Hitler towards mankind and humanity.

Hitler story - The positive side
No human being is born as a criminal or cruel person. Circumstances have a big role to play in making an individual good or bad. Adolf Hitler was not different as well. This man came to power through the role of Chancellor but after the death of President Hindenburg, Hitler and Nazi party went into the path of dictatorship. When he was the ruler, Germany was really struggling because of the Great Depression and it affected the lives of middle class people, college students and farmers in a severely adverse manner. Like a visionary and dynamic ruler, he created a wide range of programs and opportunities for the sufferers and Hitler succeeded in creating more employments in Germany.

The Public Works Project program
This project introduced by Hitler was primarily designed to eliminate unemployment in small towns. Within a short period of time, unemployment problem was solved and everybody who had been registered as unemployed in small towns got jobs.

Successful fight against the Great Depression
He promoted charity in all possible ways and the charity collections for the Nazi ‘Winter Aid’ managed to generate huge amount. This was a socialist idea but Hitler had no hesitation in accepting this idea to fight against the depression.

Individual qualities of Hitler
As an individual, Hitler was a vegetarian and he was very fond of animals. Although this man used to smoke during his younger days, he left that habit and even promoted anti-tobacco movement. His subordinates used to consider him as a fatherly figure and he was always approachable and caring. This man was really affectionate towards children as well.

When you consider the positive side of Hitler story, it can be said that he raised the morale of the German people in the 1930’s and it was really a good thing from the German perspective. Unfortunately, it led to the World War 11 and Hitler became most callous autocrat in the world. The bottom line is that you cannot describe Hitler as a one-dimensional figure and he was a multifaceted individual with paradoxical qualities.


It is most important when speaking of a historical topic such as Adolph Hitler, that a thorough description of the said topic be given. This article posits that Hitler did good things for Germany, pulling it out of the same Depression the rest of the world was so badly afflicted with, implying this was his intended goal all along. The well-being of the German people was ALWAYS secondary to his psychopathic long-term goals of gaining global dominance and murdering every single person who did not fit into his insane "supreme race" ideology.  

Important facts: Hospitalized for mental issues during WWI, he was diagnosed at the time as a psychopath.  

                        His hatred of the Jews began when he was a child. He was already a malignant narcissist who saw some slight he imagined the Jews had committed against him as the roots out of which would grow his sadistic hatred towards all things Judaism. He didn't have a great childhood, but neither do a lot of people and they don't grow up to do the things Hitler did. I find any reference to his childhood or any traumatic experiences as an excuse for his abhorrent behavior reprehensible.  

                         A total of 11 MILLION died in the Nazi concentration camps, 6 million were Jews and the other 5 million were Romani Gypsies, Catholic priests, homosexuals(known AND merely suspected), those with disabilities INCLUDING children and (ironically) those with mental illnesses.  

                             Hitler's abuse of all the above started the day he took office.  Every single person who'd previously held government jobs and didn't immediately start screaming "Heil Hitler!" were imprisoned, tortured and often found "guilty" of contrived crimes to justify the Third Reich's killing of innocent people. And this was BEFORE they turned genocide into an industry.  

                                    While imprisoned in the early 1920's for trying to overthrow the German government, Hitler wrote "Mein Kampf", a two-volume manifesto that outlined everything he believed and foretold what was to come. Except most people didn't take it seriously until Hitler was already an iron dictator. And by then, the propaganda he outlines in his manifesto was well established.  The Third Reich had a Propaganda Ministry, for cripe's sake, run by none other than Joseph Goebbels.  

                                     Hitler didn't promote charities because he cared about the people. He did it because the Third Reich never did have the money it professed to have. Most of it was nothing but paper. Germany's "recovery" from the Depression, such as it was, was never what the German people, and clearly others, were led to believe. 

Hitler NEVER did anything unless he stood to gain personally from it. His intentions were evil from the start,  He objectified Germany and its people as though he owned both. He USED them and they allowed it.  Hitler started a WORLD WAR; more than 60 MILLION people were killed in all. Make no mistake, Hitler WAS the Axis Powers, the rest were fodder and had he been able to, he'd have killed them off too.

I've studied WWII history for over 20 years.  Right now, 37% are giving credit to a man who made Lucifer himself look like a do-gooder.  I find that just so WRONG. There's nothing positive about Hitler and never was. 

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