Why we need young leaders for our nation?

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Why we need young leaders for our nation?

India is a democratic country with people of different sects and communities residing with great communal harmony.

Our nation has been ruled by numerous great political leaders like Jawaharlal Nehru, Sardar Patel, Indira Gandhi and many more famous personalities. But the time has come to bring revolution in our Indian society and the country needs a young leader, to lead our political system.

Youth generation of the country should come forward in sharing their thoughts and ideas regarding the common global issues such as environmental concerns, fossil fuel burning, and warming up of the environment.

Here are some of the reasons that emphasize the need for young leaders

Motivate the young generation

The youth leadership can motivate our young generation people and help to enhance country’s progress in the economy and financial conditions. The young leader should possess adequate qualities of creativity, managing ability and innovative with his thinking.

Can take wise decisions

Our country is facing numerous problems regarding corruption and unorganized political ethics. A well-educated you leader can effectively deal with problematic situations of modern India and take requisite steps to bring justice to Indian people. 

Help the nation fight against all the odds

In today’s era, our country is facing numerous problems in our economic situations like unemployment, poverty, and industrial inflation. But with property leadership, a young leader can connect with common civilians and bring huge relief to such worst-case scenarios.

Can serve as a backbone of the developing nation

We need young leaders, to take proper decision on behalf of common men and bring justice to their problems. Knowledgeable young generation leaders can become the backbone of a progressing and developing nation.

India needs a young leader to lead his country people impartially. Given a chance, these young leaders can change the political situation of our country and help in making India progressive and corruption-free.

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