What are the Key Differences between Hitler and Napoleon?

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What are the Key Differences between Hitler and Napoleon?

Hitler vs. Napolean - There are massive differences between a nationalistic ambitious leader and one murderous psychopath. Napolean Bonaparte was more into using the state powers for emancipating the Jews while Adolf Hilter had the objective of eradicating homosexuals, slaves, Jews, and gypsies. 

One major difference between Adolf Hitler and Napolean Bonaparte are their persuasive skills. Hitler was more of an orator while Napolean was an out-of-box thinker. And as a famous saying goes for both the Hitler era and Napoleanic era, "Napoleon spent his troop's lives, while Hitler wasted his troop's lives."

Difference Between Hitler And Napolean

Here are the (Hitler and Napolean) comparisons between two leaders, one of whom wanted to implement conservative ideas, whereas the other was entirely progressive in nature. 

#1. Both Adolf Hitler and Napolean Bonaparte were intellectual and ambitious personalities, especially when one talks about their power and societal status. Both of them belonged to middle-class families and attained the ranks of corporal in the army.

#2. Talking about their physicalities, Adolf Hitler was quite short in height as compared to Napolean Bonaparte who was tall enough as compared to rest of the French men at that time.

napoleon and hitler difference

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#3. Army of Adolf Hitler was quite powerful and even superior in technology. However, Napolean Bonaparte's army was almost a level below. Hitler relied on the tech support whereas Napolean was dependent upon his strategies and military genius.

#4. With his smart military campaigns, Hitler conquered wide areas of North Africa and Europe in a very short span of time. Napoleon invaded Spain along with Denmark, Norway, Austria-Hungary, Poland, and Russia.

napoleon and hitler difference

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#5. Hitler was pretty successful in waging war not only on the land and air, but also under the sea. However, Napolean lacked submarines/ air forces.

#6. Hitler vs. Napolean - both were foreigners to the countries they invaded and ruled. Hitler was an Austrian while Napoleon was an Italian.

hitler vs napolean

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#7. They were said to have photographic memories.

#8. Hitler vs. Napolean - Both men had no similarities amongst them. Their sociological origins along with educational levels and upbringing were two sides apart. Even their surrounding situations and political agendas were distinctive.

napoleon vs hitler

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#9. The Hitler era and the Napoleonic era were largely unconventional. Napoleon formulated the French empire and won a larger part of Europe before he was defeated. On the other hand, Hitler found the Third Reich and dominated the continent.

#10. Napolean rose to power. His legacy was celebrated, kept expanding and was embraced throughout. Neither did he destroy Europe, nor France and all the works of his life continued even after his exile, and then death. Hitler on the other side was diabolic and cast aside. Europeans still feel the violent ridicule caused by Hitler.

napoleon vs hitler

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#11. There aren't any shared historical differences between the two men whose era were almost two decades apart. Yet they occupy distinct positions in the pages of history. Certain things that Adolf Hitler and Napoleon Bonaparte shared with each other was the desire to achieve power, use war as a tool of influence expansion, poor backgrounds, ambitious youth, thirst to conquer Europe, failure to conquer Russia, resistance of the regime, unbelievable military strategies and a story that came to an end with the respective nations left in rubbles.

#12. The Napoleonic era underwent economic reforms, progressive religious reforms, got freedom from the Jews. Napolean Bonaparte reorganized the educational reforms, he unified Poland, Italy, and Germany and he was considered as the Father of Modern EU (Europe).

adolf hitler

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#13. Hitler era was pretty indirect. Jews of Europe facing racism, and imperialism started to fade, nations started to construct highways and expressways and Germans advanced in fields of automobile, computer, war weapons and the man ultimately exploring outer-space.

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Napoleon Bonaparte

Napoleon and Hitler were two different personalities. Their upbringing and state of life were also different. Napoleon Bonaparte was born in France and Adolf Hitler was born in Austria, but was a German Politician. Adolf Hitler had an army which was not comparable to the army of Napoleon Bonaparte. Hitler believed in more of tech support whereas Bonaparte believed in fighting with large number of army to conquer land.On the other hand, Napoleon Bonaparte started to conquer in the late of 18th century whereas Adolf Hitler overran France in the 19th century. While Napoleon conquered while Hitler divided nations such that Napoleon enthralled Europe and many other countries. Therefore, Napoleon Bonaparte conquered more territories than Adolf Hitler.

Napoleon Bonaparte

I don't think people remember Hitler in the same light as they remember Napoleon. The latter was a conqueror, a powerful king; while the latter was just a tyrant dictator, who ruthlessly murdered a bunch of unarmed people. No comparison between the two.

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