Patriotism Is Not Enough

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Patriotism Is Not Enough

Patriotism is noble and desirable quality. According to a Sanskrit proverb, mother and motherland are even greater than the heaven. In the event of any distress or danger for our country, we should be ready to stand by her, to toil for her, to sacrifice our lives for her sake if required.

However, this should not blind us to the reality that patriotism is not the whole thing. It might not be the highest duty of a human in all occasions. A prejudiced, exclusive patriotism is a positive danger.

Such brand of bigoted patriotism has been denounced by the first Nobel laurite of India, Rabindranath Tagore in his numerous writings on Nationalism.

Many times, patriotism makes us unfair, iniquitous and stingy in our estimate of people around us. Every country, every race has something particular and idiosyncratic to contribute towards the cultural heritage of the humankind. It is rather unwise to say that any one country enjoys a monopoly of all the good gifts of Mother Nature.

The fact is that many times we mix up patriotism with sheer nationalism. Nationalism is a kind of parochialism that closes the entrances on the rest of mankind. We are aware of this brand and must always stay away from its evil effects.

Always remember that patriotism does not lie in thinking that only your motherland is superior to other nations. Love your country, but do not hate or despise other countries or people.

A true patriot always respects everyone and is ready on all occasions to learn from others and to emulate their positive vibes, to help them in times of need and to cooperate with them.

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Patriotism is  an important aspect for every individual. Everyone loves our own nation compared to the universe. 

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