How did Anne Frank die?

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How did Anne Frank die?

Annelies Marie Frank AKA “Anne Frank,” born on June 12, 1929, was a globally famous diarist whose pain and sorrow in her writing while narrating the horrendous experience during Holocaust fulfilled her dream of becoming a renowned writer. Although not much is known about the girl who was born in Frankfurt in Germany, people claim that the little girl breathed her last in March 1945.

She was a victim of World War II Holocaust and her writings are a classic example to prove the same. Her diary went viral and was read by millions of people. It all began when her family fled from Nazi persecution to Amsterdam and later went underground for two years. During this time she combined and penned down her wishes and experiences. Anne Frank was 15 years old when her family was found again and sent to Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. There she died after some time.

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Reason of Anne’s Death

The British soldiers gave freedom to all the people of the concentration camp a week after Anne and her sister died. She was an intern in the camp where the sanitation was ghastly, the food was awful, and the disease ran violently. Frank was merely 15 years old when she died. She was one of the one million Jewish children who perished in the Holocaust.

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Frank’s Family

Anne Frank's father, Otto Frank was appointed in the German army during World War I as a lieutenant. He later became a businessman in the Netherlands and Germany. He was the only survivor of the Frank family. At the end of the war, he came back to Amsterdam, searching gravely for his family. But he got the shocking news of their death on July 18, 1945. 

When Otto Frank came back to Amsterdam, he found Anne’s diary which was preserved by Miep Gies. Otto finally read it after mustering the courage, and he was amazed when he discovered that it had been published as a book. He penned down a letter to her mother stating that he discovered an altogether different child when he read her diary and other notebooks. Otto Frank then decided to edit, type and save the journal as a draft to later publish it. 

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Her writings reveal her extreme wisdom and creativity. Her emotions were deep, and she had rhetorical power far beyond her age. In addition to her diary, Anne filled many notebooks with her favorite quotes from authors she aspired. She had extraordinary talent of storytelling and remarkable spirit. Her book is a present example of this statement, and so are her notebooks. 

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‘The Diary of a Young Girl’ got published in 67 different languages and an inspiration to every human existing. If you wish to add any more information about her, do comment below.

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