True peoples' representatives

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True peoples' representatives

Dr. Kalam is called the president of the people. He was a president who donated the amount to spend for Iftar party at the Rashtrapati Bhavan to an orphanage to feed those half fed children. He paid for the food and recreation of his relatives who visited him when he was a president. He is close to the hearts of each Indian though he is physically not with us. Even after retiring from the post of president he worked for quality education in India by opening some model schools and helping financially backward students. He also tried to bring about sustainable income among the poor and needy. He is called the missile man of India. He contribution to his country is enormous yet he was not elected for president-ship for the second term only because he was thought to be a barrier by the corrupt and disgruntled politicians of our country.

The rest of the Indian politicians who have come to power or were in power have never thought of the common man of India. No doubt the middle class still find it difficult to meet to ends and the poor live in wretched condition. It's only the rich and the industrialist who are happy as ever.

How many politicians are such true representatives of the people? Have the people elected them or have they won the election through their money power or rigging?

Its still confusion that they are genuinely working for the people of the Nation.

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Often politicians are very out of touch with the real world and peoples issues, because they live in their own bubbles.  

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