Sasikala Natrajan as CM of Tamil Nadu

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Sasikala Natrajan as CM of Tamil Nadu

Does Sasikala Natarjan as CM of Tamil Nadu benefit Tamil Nadu or AIDMK?

Sasikala Natarjan as CM of Tamil Nadu was a hot topic of discussion a few months back. Now, she is behind the bars and this question does not arise now. Anyhow, it is still a probability in the future because the honorable Supreme Court of India gave her only a 4-year jail term. Those, who have studied the Tamil Nadu politics, can easily find that Sasikala becoming the chief minister of the state does not offer any new precedence. The tradition continues and these types of things can never be ruled out in the Tamil Nadu politics.

Jayalalitha impact

When you analyze the way Jayalalitha came into power, you can find that she used the colossal popularity of MGR. One thing that needs to be admitted is the fact that Jayalalitha was a good administrator and she introduced several programs aimed at the poor and downtrodden. There were some corruption charges leveled against her and the court even convicted her for her misappropriation of wealth. It is always going to remain as a bad mark in the illustrious career of late Jayalalitha.

Sasikala has big shoes to fill

It is going to be really difficult for Sasikala to emulate the political achievements of Jayalalitha. The former chief minister was an intelligent woman and her political awareness and the administrative skills deserve special mention. You cannot attribute those qualities to Sasikala because she has always been behind the curtains and nobody has yet spoken about her abilities as a politician or administration. When you look at from outside, she had always worked as the closest aid of Jayalalitha and you cannot associate any political or administrative skills with her.

The notorious Mannargudi mafia

If Sasikala becomes the chief minister, she can easily become a puppet in the hands of the Mannargudi mafia consisting of her husband and other relatives. They are really notorious for acquiring illicit money during the tenure of Jayalalitha and she even expelled Sasikala and her relatives from Poes Garden, the official residence of the chief minister in December 2011. When Sasikala apologized and vowed not to have any association with her husband and relatives, she was called back and she remained with Jayalalitha till her death.

When you analyze things objectively, Sasikala Natarjan as CM of Tamil Nadu is not going to benefit the state in any way and the recent trends indicate that AIDMK is also not going to benefit with her Chief Ministership.

Opinions (2)

Yes, The ingenuity with which Sasikala has kept the party glued together after the death of Jayalalithaa is being regarded as her achievement and the reason for her succession to the role of General Secretary.

The resourcefulness and inventiveness of Shashikala started with Jayalalitha and ended with Jayalalitha as well.

No; She is not a good politician.  

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