Different types of pressure groups

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Different types of pressure groups

Pressure Groups are associations which crusade for changes in the law or new enactment in particular ranges. All things considered, they can impact general conclusion and voting conduct.

There are various types of Pressure Groups -

Cause or "promotional" groups: These have open participation from general society. They advance a cause, eg Friends of the Earth, which is worried about ensuring nature.  

Interest or "sectional" groups: These are open just to specific people, similar to the individuals from an exchange union, eg the National Union of Journalists.  

Insider groups: These have close connections with the legislature. They will give counsel and will be counseled preceding enactment which may influence that gathering, eg the British Medical Association will be counseled on matters identifying with wellbeing.  

Outsider groups: These gatherings regularly make a move of which the legislature opposes. Associations like Greenpeace regularly participate in common defiance or direct activity so as to strengthen their point. Some untouchable gatherings are additionally well off and utilize a lot of attention to pull in individuals to advance their cause.

Sometimes pressure groups might be seen as a threat to democracy because a relatively small, unelected group of individuals can force a change in the law. Pressure groups may also have influence inside Parliament if there is an MP who is a member of the group or is sympathetic to it.  

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May be

I am voting 'maybe' on this question only because it's not the interests of the group that matters so much as it's the intent.  "Interest groups" have been around forever, but most of the time, their 'interest' is really only hiding their intent. Still, there are those select few who have the best interests of their country or the world at large at heart.  

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